How Our Consciousness Works – Soul Fitness Ep. 13

Screen now correct so it comes from the impressions it comes up on the mind yes.

And then you say oh I had a favorable impression so I’m going.

To have it again correct and so each time you eat a mango you create more a stronger impression correct it keeps imprinting on the soul stronger and stronger and stronger so now let’s take something like an addiction okay an addiction is just a.

Habit that is really not good for you and so let’s say like an addiction let’s say like alcohol yes so alcohol also works in much the same way so let’s say.

You’re 16 years old and you’ve been invited to go to a party and your parents told you before you go to the party absolutely no underage drinking yeah no drinking no drinking no drinking yes can you go to the party and everyone in the party is having a drink and they are putting pressure on you yes to have a drink right so common in today’s yes so and let’s say so you’re having a debate correct should I do it shouldn’t I do it.

What will happen what if I get caught you know it’s not good for me all of that where is that debate going on my guess is.

So the debate is going on in the intellect right so you have the mind and then you have the intellect and the the mind is.
Looking at the alcohol then the it goes to the loop and it goes to the.

Intellect and the intellect is having a debate yes 30 minutes of debate after 30 minutes.

Of debate you give into the peer pressure and you have a drink yes and where does the impress its gets toward now the way the taste the.

Feeling everything is stored in the impressions.

Enough for alcohol and for children in particular or kids teens etc that initial impression may be good yes and let’s say it is good right it is good let’s.

Say it’s good you didn’t like the way you felt at the party but afterwards you really started feeling very.

Comfortable you didn’t care for the taste but everything was going well you felt smooth and nice all of that.

Was happening and so all of those.

Impressions all of them get imprinted in the soul correct again I’m not denying it gets imprinted in the brain I’m denied what I’m saying is it also gets imprinted in the soul so the next time you have next six months later you invited to a party again and everyone is having alcohol so what’s going to happen from the impressions again on to the mind the way you felt.

The way you’d everything keeps coming up correct I drank at that point and.

This happened to me and that happened to me and this is how I felt everything gets coming keeps coming up on the mind and now how long do you think the debate will go on so from the mind I’m gonna say yes from the mind I’m gonna head over into mental is still you’re under age you 16 I still do being told no underage drinking right so.

The debate is going on now but so probably a lot less because I have 15 minutes Yeah right less because I’ve had an experience yes so let’s say 15 minutes and then you have the drink again and now you’re even beginning to like the taste of it right and so you’re creating.