How Our Consciousness Works – Soul Fitness Ep. 13

Hello and welcome back I am Margaret Esfahani and I am here with sister sharee hi Margaret how are you good very good great so we are continuing our fabulous discussion on the sole fitness and more particular about the three components of consciousness in our last series we talked about the mind the intellect and the sense gaara’s or impressions.

That are in our souls so I’m going to ask this to Shireen if she would please give us.
A little bit more of a coordinated view of those.

Three components please you know it’s really important to understand how the mind the intellect and the impressions work.

Together yes and before we do that let me just briefly recap what the mind is the mind is so all of these three are the different aspects.

Of the soul there are different faculties we call them spiritual faculties of the soul just like we have eyes and nose and stuff we also have the mind the intellect and the impressions in the mind the function of the.

Mind is to four thoughts to our eyes it’s where it’s the messenger of the soul it’s where you know it’s like the.

Visual part of the soul it’s like the screen of the soul and then the intellect or intelligence or boothy is the wisdom the understanding the awareness the discerning the decision-making knowing what is.

Right what is wrong you know parsing the different elements of a situation all of that is part of the intellect or buthey and the closest translation we can get is intellect and then impression so sanskaras is the archives of the soul there are memory memories there experiences but also beliefs and attitudes things like that okay so a cyclical interaction or you have one is except one two and three or no.

It’s actually a good question it’s a cyclical interaction and the way it works.

Is it’s supposed to be a loop okay it’s supposed to be a loop interaction but the loop the whole loop is not working right now right and so I’ll explain a little bit more so let’s take a simple thing like what’s your favorite fruit mango yes okay so.

Let’s take a mango right and let’s say you ate a mango when you were two probably yes okay you saw your grandmom eating.

It yes that it yes because I know you yes yeah mom is from Panama so that’s why yeah so you saw everyone mom eating it and you decided you want it to you know have some and you took a bite of it.

And you really liked the sweetness the flavor that haze now everything right everything and so what you do is when you eat that you create a imprint on the sole you create an impression on the sole yes you create an impression of the way tastes the way it smells the way you feel everything you create an impression I am NOT denying the physiological imprint on the brain that also happens yes what I’m.

Saying is along with the imprint on the brain yes you create memory in the soul it’s.

A spiritual memory that have you create an imprint on the soul yes that makes perfect sense because then.

I have a recollection that’s not a physical recollection but an emotional recollection yes I have that experience yes so your attitude towards that you believes everything you create right yes so the next time you have mango or but next time you see a mango that comes up on the mind the mind is the.