Pat Mcgrath Bronze Temptation Palette.. Collaboration With Jennifer Joyce Beauty

Welcome back to my channel if you are new here my name is tara lynn and welcome to my channel thank you guys so much for hanging out with me today not only am i reviewing this palette from Pat McGrath this is her limited edition palettes I think she brought out three of them I only got the one the.

One at all three but then there’s so many other palettes that I want that I just decided to just to pick one so this is the Pat.

McGrath sublime bronze temptation palette this palette is $55 these shades are.

So pretty I ordered this palette because to me this was the most wearable palette out of all the palettes that’s my personal opinion based on what I look for and the shades that I like in palettes I’m really excited to play around with this.

Palette and I also on the Pat McGrath website I.

Picked up these two Holiday Collection lippies so these are $65 look at the packaging on these oh my gosh this box is like I’ve never seen anything.

Like it this is from her holiday collection these are the holiday lipsticks that just launched these are $65 for the two or I think there’s $38 a piece but I went ahead and got the two pairs now you can get the palette on the Pat McGrath website and Sephora but these lippies you have to buy them on the Pat McGrath website so just FYI the holiday lipsticks are on her website only but not only am i playing with those two products today but I’m also collaborating with Jennifer.

Joyce Beauty I am so excited she reached out to me a little bit ago and asked if why I wanted to do a collaborated video and I was so excited to collaborate with her she reached out to me that the day and said hey I picked up the bronze temptation palette from Pat McGrath did you pick.

Up that palette it’s crazy because they actually the day before I had bought the palette so we probably bought it on the same day I took advantage of.

The cell and got this palette on the Sephora website so it was like perfect it was like meant to be and so we are both going to review this palette so then we decided to challenge ourselves to create these looks that we found either on the Pat McGrath website or the Instagram page so you know trying to recreate to any look from Pat McGrath is unbelievably difficult because.

She is on a whole other level of talent everything that I’ve seen I just I gravitate to her artistry there is some phenomenal artists out there there’s something about her looks that grab me and so you know trying to recreate anything that she does is very difficult but we.

Tried and I think we did our very best so she’s recreating this beautiful like dark brown with that beautiful green shade I am so excited that she chose that look because that look is so beautiful and then I chose this look which.
Little bit more toned down a little bit.

Got more of like the Browns with that really bright on the lid I’m so obsessed.

With it it’s so pretty when you get done watching this video I’m gonna link her video in the description box down below both of our videos will be up.

At the same time so when you are seeing this her video will already be up I will link that video in the description box down below head over to her channel she is amazing she’s a hair stylist she.

Is a makeup artist and she has oily skin I have like dry normal so it’s very interesting to watch her reviews because she’s coming from an oily skin perspective and I have more like dry normal so everything’s different tonight over there I link everything in the description box down below I love you Jennifer thank you again for reaching out to.

Me to do this collaboration this is my very first collaboration and I am so excited that it was with her I do have more collaborations coming.

Up in the next couple of months so be on the look for that without further ado let’s jump right into the video so this is the look that I’m going to try to attempt to do but again I mean it’s Pat McGrath so you know her skills are on a whole other level of.

Skills so I’m gonna do my simple version of this but this look is definitely my.

Type of look like it’s got the warm Browns with the beautiful highlighted inner corner highlight with it coming down you know around here like all summer long I was bringing my inner corner highlight to like the middle of my lower lash line so this is totally right up my alley this is.

What the packaging looks like typical Pat McGrath now these I struggle with the packaging I’m gonna be completely honest with you guys I.

Struggle with this packaging I think it’s very unique and it’s her.

Signature packaging this isn’t my favorite packaging only because when you open it up okay so you have you know you have a mirror in here but it’s very hard to use the.

Mirror doesn’t want to stay open it just wants to shut like if it tips up just a little bit it’ll shut don’t get me wrong I don’t use the.

Mirror in the palette just because this flop right here like if you want to use it this is always right at my chin so it’s a nice sized mirror I mean it is a nice sized mirror it’s not very user friendly now when you have the pallet sitting on the makeup counter like when I first start using it like this wants to just constantly flop so.

Packaging is not my favorite and this card on the inside is hard it’s kind of hard to get out I think this packaging is my least favorite but the quality of the shadow is completely 100% make up.

For it so this is how beautiful these shades are they are so beautiful you guys and I am so excited to play with this palette it’s so beautiful so I’m gonna go obviously in with this middle brown shade and it’s kind of like a caramel type color and I’m gonna.
Take my M 506 from morphe and I’m just gonna start placing this in my.

Crease and the thing that I’ve noticed with Pat McGrath is shadows is that I do better if I go in very lightly and build from there because her shadows are so pigmented if you go in heavy it’s you.

Have so much pigmentation that it becomes a little bit harder to blend it out so I recommend 100% going in lightly until you get used to the formula once you get used to the formula you’ll start to kind of be like oh okay I got this but you know if you’re not used to the formula I do recommend just going in.

With a light layer and building because you can create gorgeous I looks with her shadows but it takes a minute to get used to the pigmentation and the way that the pigmentation blends so that’s exactly what I’m doing here.

Until I reach the desired depth with that shade I’m just gonna continue to do this so I might go in you know four or five different times with the shade and just really kind of working it and I am kind of dragging it now out here on this outer corner just to kind of give a little bit of definition out here on that crease it’s hard for me to talk and do this at the same.

Time like I am I always struggle one day of editing because I’m always like I stopped talking mid-sentence when I’m when I’m doing an eye look oh it’s a nightmare nightmare and I am kind of creating that V because this eye look does kind of have that V where it’s drawn out on this outer corner now I’m starting to get some of that definition with that pigmentation that shade is amazing so now I kind of have that.

Shade kind of the dimension that I’m looking for I mean obviously you guys I’m never gonna be able to pull that off like ever ever a but this is my you.

Know this is my fun version of it so now I’m gonna go into the other matte Brown which is this one right here and this one kind of seems like it’s got a little bit of like a purple base to it.

So it’s probably more of a cool tone Brown now I’m going to just concentrate this in this inner corner I’m gonna try to be.

Careful with this shade and just kind of keep it in the crease only and not bring it up too high now I’m just lightly lightly feathering it like and these shadows are.

So pigmented that you can kind of move them in such a precise area it’s so amazing now I’m taking my M 504 and just kind of sweeping.

That over just to make sure that everything is blended and I keep looking in the monitor the monitor through the camera will pick up spots on my eyeshadow is not blended and that I can’t see through the mirror it’s so weird but it’s not like my.
Monitor is huge but it helps see the pigmentation and make sure it’s.

Blended now I only went in one time with that dark shade and I was able to you know really work with that one time so this shade is extremely pigmented the hard.

Part is matching it Mike well if I only had to do one eye I would be completely living my best life it’s like trying to match them such it’s the biggest it’s the hardest part is trying to match him Oh shish kebobs okay I’m gonna move on to the lid but it almost feels like she just put like this shade right here all over the.

Lid and then just had a darker on the outer corner let’s do my Sigma this is my e55 eyes shading brush so I’m gonna dip back and forth between those two matte shades and I’m gonna pack this outer corner I’m gonna go.

Into that first like the lighter brown matte.

Shade and I’m gonna pack that over top just to kind of bring out that shade no Fallout absolutely all amazing okay she’s beautiful gosh dang I already love this palette so now I’m gonna take.

That pencil brush I’m gonna go into the first the lighter matte brown shade and I’m going to connect this with my lower lash line but I’m only bringing it in like halfway the pigmentation peeps okay now I’m gonna go into the dark brown but I’m gonna keep this as close to the lash line as possible then I’m.

Gonna go back into the matte Brown and just kind of smoke that.

In alright now I’m gonna go in with my felt tip applicator and I’m gonna go in with that light shade right here the lightest shade in the palette and I’m just gonna start putting.

Kind of bringing it out now that’s what it looks like dry but I might want to wet this we’re gonna put it down first and then yes help me.

Okay so that is absolutely gorgeous like oh that’s a pretty shade but I do want to wet it down I’m gonna put some on the applicator so I’ve got some right here and then I’m gonna spray it with some mac fix+ and then.

I’m just gonna kind of bring this in oh yes do you see that pigmentation it is so pretty oh my.

Gosh what is it about makeup that just excites me like it just brings me so much joy like I just I don’t know what it is I can’t I can’t.

Hope so freaking pretty I’m gonna take like just a concealer brush I don’t know this is just any old come sailor brush.

And I’m gonna go down into that shade and I’m gonna wet it and then I’m gonna bring this right here and just kind of start sweeping this.

In she is beautiful alright I’m gonna kind of blend this in and then I’m gonna go back to that a 55 shader brush and I’m gonna go into that first like.

Caramel like matte shade the lighter shade and I’m just gonna kind of start sleeping.

This right up here to kind of blend those shades together this is prime my favorite eye look that I’ve created using a Pat McGrath palette this is the morphe Jaclyn hill and JH a42 brush and I’m gonna put some of that light shade this one which is the one that’s all over my lid then.

I’m absolutely heavenly in love with and I’m gonna spray it and I’m gonna highlight the brow bone.

There is something so flippin magical about this palette so I’m gonna go ahead finish this eye and then when I.

New Pat McGrath lippy set that I’m so excited to play with so I’ll go ahead finish this I put some lashes on and I’ll be right back okay back I went ahead and threw on some lashes these are from house of lashes these are probably the most comfortable lashes I think I’ve ever worn in my life like these are amazing this is the ethereal lights from.

House of lashes and the reason why I chose these is.

Because they do kind of have that separation a little bit kind of like the picture did these are the most comfortable lashes I’ve ever worn I don’t feel like I have lashes on these are amazing I’m gonna buy like 10 more pairs of these I love the House of lashes iconic lights those are one of.

My favorite pairs but these are even more comfortable than those like I’m obsessed I like the house of lashes more than Lily lashes I don’t worry Lily lashes a lot because they’re too heavy there’s way too much for my eyes so I just don’t.

Wear them I have them but I just don’t wear them I always reach for the house of lashes and I’ll be honest I hate paying like 20 25 30 dollars for a pair of lashes I think it’s pretty ridiculous because I spend like 12 dollars on these and I can get maybe five to.

Ten wears out of each pair so I prefer the house of lashes but these are incredible incredible but this is what the pout looks likes washed and to be.

You now after swatching the palette I’m almost thinking that maybe she put a little bit of this shade on the outer corner but I didn’t do that this shade that looks red when you look down into the pan it looks like a maroon shade but it’s actually a green like purpley shade which is just unbelievable you guys this is the shade I have all over my lid these are the.

Two matte shades then this is the green shade but my gosh this palette is so beautiful in every way it’s so pretty so these are the lip swatches I wanted to show you guys why I have the camera up.

Romantique and flesh fate all so that is what those shades look.

Like and they are absolutely beautiful I am.

So excited to play with these are so pretty this is the first Pat McGrath lipstick formula that I have bought I do have a few of her glosses and honest with you I wasn’t like overly in love with had the.

Glasses and let me show you which one I have it this one is in the shade flesh astral and don’t get me wrong I like the gloss but it’s really overpriced for what it is so I really don’t wear it a lot just because it is super overpriced and I have other glosses in my collection that work just as good for half the price but I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about her lipstick formula so I’m really really excited to play with.

These I also have a little mini set coming from Sephora I just ordered it hasn’t arrived yet but let me just tell ya the packaging so this is the box this is how beautiful the box is this is so luxurious and like I’m obsessed with the packaging and then you open it up and it has this little like flap where it closes right here and then the.

Lipstick is down inside but look at this um I don’t even know that I even care about the color but can you imagine being out somewhere and pulling this out of your purse and just being like having one of those.

Like I am fancy and I’m the kind of moment this packaging is unbelievably beautiful like I don’t know that I’ve ever seen packaging quite like this with the beautiful lips and then this gold reflective and now the.

Thing about this gold is that you can’t feel it it’s a very smooth texture so that you don’t feel glitter on.

Your hand it’s been sealed this packaging is the prettiest packaging I’ve ever seen in a lipstick ever I don’t have.

Anything like this in my collection oh my gosh okay so let’s go ahead and put on nude romantique and i’m just gonna do it without lip liner and that is very pretty you can feel the sparkles in the formula so it.

Has a little bit of that grainy texture but it’s super pigmented as you can.

See and it’s absolutely beautiful and.

It’s very creamy but you can feel the gritty so if you like.

More of a smooth type lipstick formula and this isn’t gonna be something that you’re going to want to pick up because as you.

Rub it you can feel the grittiness it does intense sparkle to it so that’s the reason.