Travel In Style

A member not only do you have access to these premium they at the guaranteed lowest prices you’ll also have the ability to earn your way on a trip every time you personally refer a platinum member to the club you’re gonna earn 200.

Points towards another trip now because there’s no limit to the number of people you can refer.

As you can imagine you can earn some pretty serious points now just imagine for a minute how would it feel to be able to take 3 4 5 or more vacations every single.

Year now most people are gonna go through their entire life and unfortunately that’s not even going to be an option but for many of the leaders in WorldVentures taking several vacations a year it’s a way of life now if you’re open to the idea of earning some additional income in addition to what you’re doing.

Right now you can optionally become an independent representative for only a 100 dollars one time in just 20 dollars per month being a representative is gonna allow you to earn income by referring other members to the club and it allows you to earn an override on the sales volume for the memberships that happen throughout your entire referral network and if you’re wondering you have to be a pushy salesperson I’ll answer that question by asking you this is the person who invited you to watch this video are they being a pushy salesperson right now not at.

All right they’re probably just sitting there with you they’re not saying a word right they’re just letting me do all the selling and explaining in fact they might not even be with you right now they could be on the other side of town even.

On the other side of the world and this video is doing.

The work for them you see you’re watching our proven word-of-mouth referrals in action right now one of the biggest factors in your success with this program is very simply how many people can you show this video to so by now you might be asking how do I make money so every time you refer a platinum member you’re gonna make a $50 Commission we refer for in your first 28 days and not only are your.

Monthly fees waived you’re gonna earn $500 in cash plus four hundred and Rovia bucks now these Rovia bucks can be used towards flights hotels car rentals any kind of travel so that’s a total of nine hundred dollars in roll six in your first month and you’ll earn a thousand dollars in bonuses in cash four hundred in travel for a total of fourteen hundred if just two of those six.

Refer another platinum member with only 8 members on your team you’ll earn a total of $2,200 so my question to you how many people do you know that would love to earn an extra $2,200 in the next few weeks you’re starting to see why this is growing so fast when your team grows to a total of 12.

Platinum members not only are you earning weekly income based on.

The new members joining your team you’re also earning residual income based on the dues people are paying for their membership now your weekly income can grow as much as $25,000.

Per week your monthly income can grow up to $50,000 per month now if you see how big this is and you’re ready to get started I’m gonna give you two pieces of advice first don’t try and go out and be a pushy salesperson if you want to have success with this simply invite the people that you know to watch this video that you’re watching right.

Now let me do all the explaining for you as well as all the explaining for anyone you refer to the program because this is a recorded video you can use me 24 hours a day seven days a week I never take a vacation I never call in sick and chances are many of the people that you show this to are gonna see how big this is fall in love with the concept join your team and.

Start referring other customers as well second you have an opportunity to be positioned early on in this company in the largest industry.

In the world and travel at over seven trillion dollars annually Apple as an example just became the first trillion-dollar company.

After 42 years in business getting started in WorldVentures today it’s like getting started with Apple back in 1988 if you could have bought in on Apple back then imagine where you’d be today now we believe our company is gonna attract tens of millions of members over the next decade based on the growth we’ve already had so virtually every person you know are going to hear about this many will join my advices just make sure you’re the first person to show them this video now the last thing I need you to understand before we in.

The video just has to do with positioning our compensation plan has a two-team system so at least half of everyone your friend refers after you are going to be positioned on your team so let’s say you lock in your position now and you friend later they show this to Bob and they joint well Bob goes on your.

Team and for the rest of Bob’s life anything he ever does is gonna benefit you but let’s say for some reason you need to think about it.

Now that’s cool Bob’s gonna be able to lock in your position then.

When you want to get started you go on Bob’s team and for the rest of your life Bob gets credit for anything you do and you miss out on all the sales that happen on Bob’s other team now I’m not promising that anyone is gonna go on your team but we’ve had.

People miss out on thousands of sales that have cost them a lot of money so that’s why it’s important for me to have you understand how this works now we already have.

Thousands of people who are earning anywhere from a part-time income $200 a month all the way up to a full time income giving them financial freedom and because I had the courage to say yes I’ve been able personally to make way more money than I ever have I’ve been able to take well over a hundred trips paid for.

With the company’s travel Bonus Program and this is what it’s all about for me now I’m able.

To be a stay-at-home dad for my three beautiful children so instead of fighting traffic and being stuck in an office.

All day I’m able to do what I want I can hit the gym I can take the kids to the park I can hang out at the lake I’m able to be there for their swim lessons their ballet lessons gymnastics all the special events at school saying yes to this.

Was the best financial and lifestyle decision I’ve ever made so if you’re ready to come join in on the fun get back to.