Travel In Style

Dollars as a member you’re also gonna have access to our award-winning booking engine where as a member you’re gonna have access to our rate shrinker technology not only are you gonna have the guaranteed lowest rates on.

Your flights if the price drops from when you book until when you go on your trip our booking engine is gonna refund you the difference in fare to your credit card so we literally have thousands of people getting money back on their flights where if they had booked anywhere else they would have been stuck at.

The rate they paid you’re also gonna have access to our concierge service it’s 24/7 so if you need dinner reservations a wake-up call online research you name it they got you taken care of and our dining program where we’ve partnered up with thousands of restaurants where when you go out to eat at participating merchants you’re.

Gonna get anywhere from 20 to 50 percent of your bill paid back to you in the form.

Of points that you can use dollar for point towards a dream trip you’ll also have our emergency.

Evacuation service so if you were to get sick or injured on a trip and you need to be flown out they’ll take care of you.

At no additional charge one of the reasons why we’ve had over 1 million customers become members is because in many cases you can go on one or two trips in a year and you’ll save more.

Than the cost of your membership so it just makes logical sense and folks there’s no comparison of this membership to anything else on the market there’s travel clubs out there where the membership costs anywhere from 8,000 to $80,000 and they don’t even give you a fraction of the value of the membership that you have here now because we want to help.

More people experience the world and we want to fulfill our mission of helping more people experience fun freedom and fulfillment in their lives you’re not gonna pay $8,000 you’re not gonna pay 4,000 not even a thousand dollars your Platinum membership is only four hundred and seventy nine dollars initially never pay that again in just one hundred per month and as I mentioned earlier every dollar you spend on the membership you’re actually gonna get it back to be used towards a trip now.

You can of course cancel at any time but if you’re like many of our members who’ve been on a dream trip you’re gonna want to keep it forever now if that weren’t enough when you refer just for.

Other platinum members WorldVentures is gonna waive your monthly fees we call it refer.

For pay no more and even though you’re not paying your monthly dues the company is still gonna give you your monthly points to be used towards a trip now what I love about this company is there’s.

Just no way to lose we guarantee you the lowest price on every dream trip every dollar you spend on.

The membership you get to use it towards a trip refer just for other members using this video you’re watching right now and as long as they remain active you paid no monthly fee and the company will still give you 1200 points every year towards a trip even though you’re not paying a fee as.