Travel In Style

Trip to China staying at the five-star Conrad Hilton where you feel like a movie star when you walk in.

Five days four nights for only 629 per person you can deduct another $300 as well you’re also getting a full day great wall tour a full-day historical tour for breakfast two lunches two dinners along with a guide now I’ve been on this trip I will tell you it was an unbelievable experience here’s a five-day four-night trip to Dubai staying at the Fairmont five breakfasts two dinners a full day.

Desert safari tour and tickets to the water park an aquarium for only seven hundred and twenty eight dollars per person and you can deduct another three hundred and sixty dollars on this trip now here’s a week in Greece with sea view accommodations tons of meals a half-day excursion and a half-day monastery tour a massage and a special Greek night dinner.

With plate smashing and everything for only 569 per person you can deduct another 125 off of that now maybe you’ve wanted to go on an African safari here’s a trip to Kenya with your Lodge stay.
A half-day game drive your meals for only 169.

Per person and you can deduct another 150 dollars off of this.

Or maybe you want to pop down to Cape Town in South Africa climb Table Mountain which was definitely one of my highlights in world ventures three days two nights for only two hundred and nineteen dollars and you can take another 150 off of that now a question I get all the.

Time is can I add a day or two before or after and stay longer now as long as there’s availability absolutely you’re taken.

Care of now I could spend another two hours going through a ton of different dream trip examples but you get the idea amazing specially curated premium vacations that a huge savings that you’d never have access to if you weren’t a.
Member and if you want to experience.

More fulfillment and make a difference in the lives of others we have volunteerism trips where you can actually give back and contribute to those in need now one of the things we’re most proud of is our WorldVentures foundation where a portion of every membership dues actually.

Goes to fun children in need we also have a new category called anytime escapes now these trips won’t have a host a meet-and-greet party or transfers but you.

Can book them anytime so they’re completely flexible with your travel schedule now here’s the Dominican.

Days four nights all you can eat and drink alcohol included for only a hundred and forty nine dollars per person that’s literally thirty dollars per day for all you can eat and drink I’ve figured out that I can.

Actually live on these trips cheaper then I can live at home and pay for my own meals and the mortgage on my.

In Greece I’ve been here and I promise you it is one of.

The most romantic places in the world you’re getting a five-star resort with breakfast daily for only a hundred and ninety eight dollars per person trust me you want to go on this trip how.

About New Orleans staying at the French Quarter at the JW Marriott for days and three nights only a hundred and fifty nine dollars Orlando at the Hilton near Disneyworld four days and three nights for only 139.