Travel In Style

Hi this is Matt Morris thanks for watching this video just like your friend who invited you to watch this I’m an independent representative for WorldVentures we are a private VIP invitation-only travel Club and if you haven’t figured it out yet yes your friend wants you to come travel with us and join the club so I’m gonna quickly explain.

If you haven’t heard of WorldVentures we’ve become the single largest Travel Club in the world we’ve attracted over 1 million members in 35 countries we’ve won over 20 different travel awards from the World Travel Awards we’ve hit the Inc 5000 fastest-growing companies in America four years in a row and we’ve done over 2.

Billion dollars in sales in just the past three years our flagship product is called our DreamTrips platinum membership this is giving you access to member only pricing saving you up to 70% on your vacations and for some you’ll even be able to earn your travel and pay nothing for it and the biggest question we get is how do.

We get the prices well pretty simple we buy vacations in bulk anywhere from 50 to 500 of our members at one resort or cruise ship WorldVentures leverages that.

Buying power to negotiate prices that you would never have access to as an individual and they pass the savings on to us as a member and giving you the guaranteed lowest.

Rate so the pricing is awesome but the biggest reason for our tremendous success and why.

Everyone seems to want their friends and family to come join them is because of the.

Amazing experience that you’re gonna have on the trip so these are.

Not like buying a regular vacation this is a specially curated trip.

So that your transfers to and from the airport are taken care of you’re gonna have your own host or hostess it’s kind of like having your own concierge to make sure everything’s taken care of we organize meet-and-greet parties so if you want to hang out with some of the other dream trip members you can and there’s always extras thrown in that you wouldn’t have gotten if you would have booked it outside of DreamTrips so you’re getting a premium vacation where you should have had to pay extra but as a member you’re.

Getting the guaranteed lowest price now you’re gonna have thousands of these trips every year to choose from in fact last year we did over five thousand that’s close to 500 trips per month in our inventory and these trips are literally all over the world in every continent around the globe.

So I’ll go through a few quick examples here here’s a Caribbean cruise six days five nights for only 250 dollars per person if you’ve been on a cruise you know you’ll eat a heck of a lot more than 250 dollars over the course of six days now I want you to notice something real quick where it says apply up to 100 points now one of the reasons we think this membership is one of the biggest no-brainers known to man and why over.

1 million people have already said yes is because whatever you spend on the membership you’re gonna get it all back.

In the form of points that you can use to deduct from the cost of a dream trip now a point equals $1 over that for this trip you can take $100 off now how about a.