Watch: Hollywood Celebs Push Last-ditch Effort For Dem Midterm Votes

Watch Hollywood celebs push last-ditch effort for dem midterm votes with November midterms just days away Democrats are bringing out some of Hollywood’s biggest names including Brad Pitt Leonardo DiCaprio and Oprah Winfrey to urge liberal voters to take to the polls in a video released on Friday actor and outspoken liberal activist Leonardo DiCaprio said that the future of our.

Country will be decided this week and said issues such as gun control and immigration make this election one of the most consequential of our lifetime Brad Pitt.

Echoed his colleagues sentiments and stressed the importance of voting for su such as climate change and LGBTQ equality while implying that even your.

At stake in this election pit and DiCaprio are not the only a list Hollywood celebrities stumping for Democrats going into midterms.

As Oprah Winfrey appeared earlier in the week to campaign for controversial garnet Oriole candidate Stacy Abrams in Georgia thanks for watching please subscribe you to news channel goodbye and see you again.