How To Use Turbo Scan App On Android!

Howdy folks I will be showing you how to use turbo scan on Android it’s this app that I purchased it was only six bucks I believe $5.99 so I will be showing you how to use it it is a very good app you can scan things like documents pictures so on and so forth you can turn them into.

Word documents or PDFs so let’s get started all right so we go to the app drawer that’s all where I have the turbo scan installed click on it oh excuse me didn’t mean to click on that click on the turbo scan so I’m gonna delete what’s here just.

So I can rescan it I just I can show.

You guys how it’s done okay so I will be scanning in my resume and you know I don’t care if people see my resume because it’s just a resume anybody can see that no private information or anything so I’ll be showing you how to.

Use it okay so right here on the bottom we have three options the first option.

Camera to take a photo and the second one is a camera that takes multiple photos which I’m not gonna use in the third one I’m not exactly sure what that is so we’re gonna.

Click on the first one okay and then we’re gonna place the paper like so make sure it’s you know fairly straight and click on the camera voila there you have it and you can put it black and white you can put a color or photo so for example as if we put a photo this is how it looks like which I’m just gonna put it on color makes it.

More professional all right and on top of the phone I’m on the top of the app I should say where it says preview right on the right there’s this arrow button pointing to the right you click on it and then let’s say I want to change the title I go to edit click right here.

Which says name underneath name says document click on it and I’m going to change the name this means resume was me 20:18 okay let’s take a look everything looks.

Like it’s spelled correctly press okay all right go back there you have it and then after you’re done with uh.

Changing the name there’s this check mark click on it oops.

Sorry about that I don’t even know what I did okay I guess I clicked on it already all right so add pages any times I guess you can add more pages that’s kind of cool so click on it they turn it into a PDF file which is nice so if.
You want to share it give it to a friend or let’s say.

Some recruiter company or some company that wants to hire you once your resumes you know you can click on it press the share button you can do a lot of things to have a lot.

Of options over here email to myself send pages PDF send pages MPEG or save to gallery printing and so on and so forth copy – you can copy two different things so let’s say.

I can send pages PDF do that so now it gives me a bunch of options add to sync a low.

Bluetooth gmail knfb reader safe to drive sent to Zune and you can do a lot of things it’s kind of cool so what I’m gonna do is click on email and let’s see I want to send.

It to my work email the one at Wells Fargo so let’s send it to that one send all right and we’re done it and now we just swipe the app the cool.

Thing is that previously I’ve saved it to Google Drive and I sent it to Daniela and then also what I did I send it to myself earlier to my original email I mean I don’t even know I why I send it to so many places but.

It’s good to have it save to a lot of places I have it saved on my computer as well and so we can go here and we can.

It’s here yep it’s enough photo gallery you can also also.

Share it from here put on Instagram which I wouldn’t do it it’s kind of weird but yeah you can do all sorts of cool stuff excuse me and.

Then we can see how we saved it to the drive wheel drive yep there it is it is also in Google Drive alright well that’s all folks thank you for watching if you like this video be sure to hit the like button and hit the subscribe button and I hope you enjoy this video and I hope you learned something new all right peace out.