Defeating The Most Dangerous Animals! (red Dead Redemption 2)

After the way the legendary grizzly bear there’s some bear bear doodoo right there it’s right there it’s right there they say grizzly bear come on come on come on back to my channel today we’re back in red ever damn shit too that’s right and I’m at my little camp oh love this fire it’s nice in the talk so.

Thought it would be a great idea to go hunting that’s right I got myself a whole bunch of weapons wait where are my weapons I think my horses got him so we’ve got a whole lot of sick weapons and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go hunting so we’re this nice for us I don’t actually know.

What kind of animals are around me but I do know that there are some really.

Scary and big ones in this game and we’re gonna try and find him so we actually bought some bait for example.

We got herbivore bait which can attract herbivores but you also have predator bait which hopefully should attract some bears or coyotes I don’t really know what’s around here but that’s what.

We’re here to find out right so I have a little plan if we find an animal and we take the animal fact away from the animal that’s right we’re just gonna.

Have to cut it open it’s kind of gross we can actually craft ammunition with that watch I can make explosive revolver bullets I mean isn’t that insane explosive that’s our.

Target all right we’re just gonna have fun all right time to head into the woods so we can use our Deadeye feature to see.

If there is any tracks around and there you have one already okay that’s actually good let’s uh let’s follow this track wait I think I see it I think I see it is it a little rabbit or what is that is that a fox let’s get our bow and arrow out guys let’s get our bow and arrow.

Out where’s my bow and arrow little rabbit where are you hiding yeah I think I.

Lost it but that’s fine that’s fine we got bait we got bait hey let’s head up the mountain a little bit we’re gonna put some bait down at these herbivores they’re gonna smell.

And then we can kill them take their fat and make explosive bullets to find some predators oh well we can’t find the Predators with.

Explosive bullets but you get.

What I mean all right let’s put the bait down guys hopefully it’ll track them let’s um walk off a little bit and just remain still that’s the plan you have to remain silent on this bush this is the spot this is the spot I see one.

Oh they’re coming up already so many of them what is that.

An elk it’s a big one what’s another one up there but dheere dheere dheere dheere dheere dheere do I miss I miss oh those insane I’m not sure if I scared the rest off with.

That hmm no no no no no I’m scaring it off I’m scaring it off okay I can do this I can do this.

That’s still buddy where did it go where did it go should we down here somewhere I can hear a train in the distance by the way there it is.

Curtis Curtis okay let’s call it that shot I think I missed again oh my god it’s running off it is running off I’m gonna follow it I need this.

His fat there he is there he is it’s a beautiful one now no did I get it no oh my I hit him but he’s not dead yet I thought I shot him in the head but now he is out of here I see him I see him he’s running away he’s running away he’s running away you ain’t getting away from me mr.

Need to wait until he stands still guys oh my god oh my god what is happening I’m so sorry little buddy but I just need you he’s still walking yeah this guy’s crazy there you go there we go there we go oh he’s what he’s making.

It out I got him he’s in the water he’s in the water make sure he doesn’t get.

Out oh my god buddy can I pick you up wait are you telling me I can’t pick him up because he’s in the water no I can’t pick him.

Up oh that’s not fair no we got to find another.

One to get that predator this time how about we just try with a gun okay.

So I’m gonna put the bait down over here where could we hide yeah this is so difficult hunting of this game is insane guys right now we’re only hunting.

Deer eventually we can hunt crazy things like bears and tigers I don’t know all right what kind of bullets do we use let’s use.

A bullet with a lot of damage all right I’m ready for you a little elk one right here one right here that’s a beautiful one beautiful one first shot yes that’s more like it oh I’m sorry mr. buck but we’re just gonna have to take.

The skin okay it’s all good look at that beautiful all right so I’m not sure if we have enough for our explosive bullet yet but all.

We can do is find more animals I’m just gonna try and hunt some more animals down with my sniper rifle.

And my horse should go a little bit faster than sneaking around town and hopefully I.

Can manage to get him with a perfect shot using Deadeye should be quite easy and then you don’t we just need animal fat that’s all we need I do think we are in grizzly bear territory so we got to be kind of careful guys oh oh oh oh we’re okay we’re okay here’s something here’s something oh well we got one.

Oh but it fell in the water it’s not very useful if they fall in the.

Water you know can’t do anything with that now yes.

We got one we got one where’s he landing on land let’s give it let’s get him we need feathers as well and it might have fat on.

On huntin and red and redemption sure is an experienced booty hurry is that’s a beautiful bird at Western Raven I like it there we go we got a feather a white feather and some bird meat nice you know turkeys turkeys turkeys that’s an easy kill though that is an easy kill we got some more over here got one another one another one another one oh my god this is intense no I missed okay we got three animals just like that.

Come on we need more animal fat Oh turkey number one what do you got for me boy okay just.

Some Berta neat and feathers let’s check out this big one I got over here it’s actually quite easy to snipe with slow motion I.

Didn’t realize that until now that was a bighorn sheep oh that’s the first timer what do you find animal fat oh my god if you got somewhere else how do I shoot with this thing they don’t want to die well obviously come on you must have some fat on you right come on oh that’s a big one alright so since we cannot find.

Animal fat for some reason I don’t know where to find it maybe you guys do in the comments you cannot find it I think it’s a.