Pc Gamer Demo Discs – Pc Gaming In The 90s

You see that two wires are separated you click to make the connection and then the elevator starts descending what’s funny about this demo though is.

The first time you do this you realize that this elevator is going really deep actually through that little peephole there you see it’s kind of descending into the bowels of the city and then possibly into Hell itself it’s actually really funny and here’s where it’s really the meat and potatoes of this demo in the basement you’ve arrived and the receptionist is the mascot he is called the coconut monkey no I am good at monkey.

Welcome back to BC gamer and then the demo continues like an adventure game if you click around you’ll find all sorts of quirky things like these messages left from the magazine staff coconut monkey how do you keep.

Beating me at quake you have no hands let’s go ahead and turn left and you see a jukebox there that contains all of the game demos you see that they organized them by the different systems and it this time you had dos windows which would be Windows 3.1 probably and then Windows 95 but notice there is a game called death from above and that is a big part of.

These demos because there are a lot of these weird cheap stupid coconut monkey games that were included on these demo discs and I’m gonna be honest with you guys they’re so dumb but they are part of the charm and there’s a bunch of them to discover on these discs now let’s go ahead and pop in the Diablo demo it’s amazing to see how many great games were released in.

1996 and you’ll notice this demo disc uses the same interface as before we’re gonna go ahead and explore around a little bit more because again it changes each time you’ll see here that there’s this desk over.

Here I believe it’s the editor but again just random stuff to click on notes to read messages to listen to you.

Can mess around with the stuff on the desk one thing I had missed on my previous demo was this rolodex sitting here on this desk notice it’s.

The addresses email and phone number for a bunch of video game companies I’m not sure why they included that I guess for support of course we have more awesome demos in the jukebox but notice there is another monkey.

Game here called race the monkey obviously very similar to sprint although frankly way worse but again that’s part of the joke and yeah I’m a loser now let’s go ahead and pop in the demo for the curse of.

Monkey Island and of course they have a playable demo here and again back in.

The day because you had so much full motion video it was.

Really nice to get it on a disc like this because trying to download it.

Over dial-up would just take forever and then as.

This demo disc includes the full retail versions of Monkey Island 1 & 2 you get them for.

Free but that’s not all of course there is another coconut monkey game this one monkey pinball so bad back in July of 2000 PC gamer did something very cool they cluded this disc right here which is classic games collection vol 1 this is 12 commercial games released for free on this disc in all these years I’ve kept this disc because it’s a great archive of some really excellent games including Wing Commander Ultima 1 Ultima.

Underworld the Stygian abyss XCOM the original King’s Quest alone in.

The dark The Secret of Monkey Island Duke Nukem 2 Link’s descent terminal velocity and rodent track presents the Need for Speed now obviously these games are all by the time this disc was actually released but it was.

Really cool to have these old ms-dos games repackaged and designed to run in Windows Plus.

It was just a great archive of some really excellent games and again they’re complete and hidden on this disc is coconut monkey fan.

Art yes this was a thing back in the day the only thing I can I can say about this is that it was the early days of Photoshop and back then this was hilarious it’s funny to talk to younger gamers and they assume that the original Resident Evil was a console exclusive but it was brought to the.

PC and actually it was a very good version of it and they included a demo here but the reason why I want to show this demo is because like so many others they included free versions of games and on this one they included Zork 1 2.

& 3 although when I installed it for this video and try to play it you’ll notice that the characters are all screwed up I’m not sure why that is the joys of gaming on Windows.

Weird problems like this and you’d have no idea why now let’s pop in the.

One called quake o’rama which is just a bunch of levels and editors for quake because well that was the hot game at the time but the reason why I want to show this demo is because it includes a reviews index you’ll notice there there are looks like about 815 reviews included so this is.

A great way to dig through the archives of PC Gamer to read all reviews to see what the highs and lows are so you don’t to bust out your physical copies hello and welcome to paradise we have spent very much time fixing up the island and there are even more fun things to do have fun and maybe I.

Was still around another nice feature of these demo discs is that they often include patches and updates again in an era where downloading through dial-up patches and updates and new maps was just a pain.

In the butt it was nice to get these discs and just have it all there it was all stored unphysical for you so guys that is a quick look at the PC gamer demo discs that came out in the mid 90s to early 2000s and again I know that this is kind of a weird video to do but if.

You are a gamer like me on the PC back.

In the 90s this is what you did and when you look at these covers you you get a lot of nostalgic going on here you remember all of these it was definitely a very cool time and I’d love to know down the comments if you are like me.

Do you remember these demo discs also I’d love to know are there any special things that I missed like I know.

That they hid stuff all over the place on these discs so let me know down in the comments what you remember finding what you remember being hidden and special alright guys thanks so much for watching thank you for subscribing and.