Pc Gamer Demo Discs – Pc Gaming In The 90s

Hey guys metal Jesus here now today we’re gonna take a look at something that was a big part of my experience while gaming in the 1990s and that is demo discs specifically we’re going to be taking a look at the demo discs included with a magazine PC gamer ah yes the 1990s this is back when our computers were.

And bee-utiful this is what we meant when we said ps2 and our games came packaged in big beautiful boxes lots of manuals trinkets it was awesome but you.

Know what wasn’t awesome dial-up I remember getting a 56k modem and painfully downloading massive demos it was it was a terrible time for the Internet but thankfully you had magazines like PC.

Gamer that included demo discs now we’re gonna be talking about demo discs here and I know some of you are going what the heck who cares this must be the.

Most boring subject ever no no no no you would be mistaken because PC Gamer magazine went all out on their demos and I’m going to show you how it must be really weird for.

Younger gamers today to think back to a time when the.

Painfully slow I remember it taking forever just to download one JPEG.

Think but that was how it was and so trying to even download a full game demo over dial-up I mean.

It would take you hours and hours and so again you really relied on demo discs like this not only with PC Gamer obviously but also with the console world too and.

One thing they really did was just packed them full of game demos often a bunch.

Of different genres and this is all either stuff that was brand-new or coming out soon so it was cool to get these and just try out random games but here’s the thing that’s not why I wanted to make.

This video because PC gamer went all out and I want to show you one of the early examples of them doing that so here we have the quake demo disc from September 1996 and as you see on the cover there this was a highly anticipated game at the time people would buy this magazine simply just to play this 7 level demo so let’s go ahead and boot up my dell running Windows 98 and.

We’ll go and pop this disc in now you have to remember that 1996 was kind of the golden era of FMV games full motion.

Video games and they took full advantage of it here with this demo it starts off in the cityscape you fly through the city here.

Turns into a video game which is really cool kind of surprising so now you’re down in this dirty alleyway and you can see the PC gamer door there but if you take the time you can actually explore around this interface and find clues to all sorts of interesting stuff they pack this full of just random things almost like a real adventure.

Game also you can tell the kind of basis on mist that was a really popular adventure game at the time where it used pre-rendered graphics and then you solve simple puzzles here in to be fair this demo has very simple puzzles it.

Actually functions kind of like I mean it’s a demo disc but it’s also a an advertisement for some of the the previous magazine issues that they have here is an example of very simple puzzle you click on the down arrow it pop opens a panel where.