Love By Chance Ep. 12 Part 1 Reaction/commentary

I’ll talk to us about Allah scientists on this sun is shining beside us rules destiny so they can kind of.

Ship we got back up and kind.

Of like it’s so sweet though oh you know Allah we’ve got number what about million and annoy you need to treat.

Him better it ate so that he doesn’t think that way I’m the one man and now we’re starting over again eniola and the gang um wait now take me to your heart show.

Me where to start go on believe Maji tell me how do people find each other oh my god this is all right my friend I want to get along oh my god that takes oh my god his bride is over there over here an hour it’s over there because okay and Candace oh my gosh I’m loving this I have ravenous character development oh my god in us but I look so sincere that it doesn’t even look like a bad thing we fight what I owe so marketing all your.

Party gown my heart what is that is that cheese imagine your boys a stereo.

And you’re like that which I love doing that they’re the people people I don’t the person they want I was given aha hi like both in one book I’d also have a lad gonna cry you know so happy my friends.