Love By Chance Ep. 12 Part 1 Reaction/commentary

I feel like it’s been like year years so I’m so excited that excited with this oh my god but wait before our video starts please watch this first hi everyone this reaction video is sponsored by amino amino is an application provides people on the same interest a place a community where and people can share their feelings their emotions.

Many factors and communities here for TV shows or movies for dramas for artists for musicians for almost everything speaking of communities I just joined BL drama a lot of fans post.

Their vlogs in order to help other fans to be updated to be informed regarding certain series and everything that’s really nice and I love that also if you go here in gallery one of my favorite places there are a lot of pictures that I bet you guys are loved oh my gosh I’m gonna be dressed.

Up mean black my meaning bun heart perfect also I just posted a question asking you guys which couple in love by chance is your favorite yeah my name is a rebel here so check my question Alec please comment your answer hmm go ahead and click the link in the description or in the pin comment once you’re in a me know just search V l drama and make sure to follow me.

Review and answer my question see you guys begone hat pick up what happened last good.

She good she is the best witchy Chloe but I think it’s a big doop-doop anjing moisturizer moisturizer my god the everything is moisturize my friends I know we saw the site of pain so he sat on the back can wrote a letter and we also see his brother they.

Get it okay I play free everyone but I’m also Authority maybe so colonies in here oh my god oh of course it’s.

Kind my entire heart and and go up when you’re popular kind of option out yes yes my yes I may be but you can do the exact that one on my phone the schedule in there I know I.

Forget what you know what don’t have to forget because you know what I love with them penis not asking about a anymore he’s asking about time I’m so excited can my heart my think oh.

My god you’re Robbie Robbins nothing here but I just stole I think that Vegas night what’s that look at this smile of Irish young something in my and my baby so good you block the.

Area Gilligan Gilligan scoid and Mohammed entomology night and a half oh my god you can’t believe God’s me he stopped me he said we won’t tell but you tell it is Adams name I forgive him wait laughs stop you know what see God and because we.

Should be professional how can.

You how can you be professional if those lines our phone number is nothing it’s the promised land no.

He servicing anymore okay it’s not a thick one have my ever hand out pain like they open kinda hot a promise is a.

Promise I have to ask it on your own you have.

You have to I know you have to earn it earn it and again.

Yeah do it before you’re gonna wanna live baby at some point yeah an abortion basement the fireman I think baby skinny cow is a directive Irish privacy sign is a man like with words yeah good morning everybody one day I’ll be able to.

English today right though I’m going to teach you to spend time in a day all right you have intimated information information information and they say oh oh oh oh yeah girl we don’t know man I got one party when I tap on.

Hi come on wow that mean yeah I mean I do come on it yes Valentina pretty Network okay since you don’t have it not yet you eat each other oh my god hey that’s not how many one famine everyone to know why oh my god you just approached and like a.

Proper gentleman with proper party with proper you know guiding of energy and everything yeah the destroyer check the bottom Kate don’t I mean its dominant so mean I mean okay be gentle yeah because approach with a kind of hard because he’s also sure I think it’s my portion in Tomorrowland buyer who Nicole behind I don’t know but I think that all people are like that I think what people should I.

Act like that because we saw unknown this so silly story yeah like oh my god.

The bar we should say sorry right now I don’t want happen knowing smama know whether it’s I know it’s hard it’s so much like that at.

Might be verbose who say sorry almost that thing there are people who say sorry are really but there is a power parity mah mahp I’m sorry but this is not this is it started I love him Italian women I need you should talk tell you that because it will open up more.

The bother yes Beauty know whose absolute relation uber nerd food I think so nerdy sure sure oh the Nevada V Hall director yes who knows fresh or enough I always believe of the hotel his expression this expression money brain cancer yes Sam he was taken aback Oh Lewis touch like really you will believe me even though I’m really mean to you and.

I say ah I mean our hideout water is a story but you’re stupid with its nice yes I know is I.

Think there’s another term for that but not so big olive oil olive oil yeah you know a person believes anything because these things that people are sincere.

Those kind of people are pure in heart is protective also chosen a.

Swing let’s beat that I love it I’m gonna get so much my heart my boss’s gaming at all.

I love it this is so good this is the thing this is what we have been waiting for Oh liar the episode we all deserve you laughs Medina oh.

This is so sweet I’m dying follow me finally your clavinet without I really like you the current income before and he likes food Munna Munna in our court for panchayat and power no kidding and Wadena immature baby but you have a hard time that any performer no she’s sloppy with love I really feel that’s a chop block you are a clown in putting be real okay hashtag.

Realness cocking gun is real and guna Jana is verified by.

A lot these three color true midnight this is evenings yeah Oh highly center on dewer to mature okay I’m really loving the Hat though no.

It’s literally our role in meeting our you should have opened in the Roberto communities but take what I get my god is that one of the food oh my god is that fish fillet and that that was like an obese each other’s ass torta loving this love in extinction don’t you.

Just they’re very much I got this weird I know I’m gonna walk [Laughter] it happened look at how this unjust are doing their things but I don’t know but I love a Sony is but they’re what.