Aliexpress Makeup Haul #2 (mac, Beauty Blender, Eco Tools Dupes) | Highly Quality Product !

Hey guys today I’m doing another review / haul of some stuff that I purchased off of Aliexpress so let’s get into it okay first thing that I got was this eyelash curler um not much to say really that’s a bit dirty because I’ve already used it but yeah it’s good quality really affordable recommend next thing I got was.

This beauty sponge which i guess is supposed.

Blender but it’s quite small so it’s a bit dirty as well because I’ve used it but and it’s quite hard.

As well even the wind app so I don’t know about that this is a mascara applicator god thing that I’ve like used as well and yep it’s pretty helpful when you’re.

Like applying it so you don’t get it on your face and then there’s a little black comb thing as well to get rid of the clumps so yeah that’s pretty.

Helpful next I got was this Mac concealer um mr.

box looks exactly like MEK and obviously it’s not because it did you but yeah the shade that I got was um gonna.

Focus more yep in w20 really nice concealer it’s quite small but it was really cheap so yeah I can plan I go to show you guys she’s Mac there just looks like this I’ll try get a little bit of a swatch for you guys like that yeah so she suits my skin tone really well definitely recommend these concealers they blend out like really nicely so yeah definitely recommend they’re really nice yeah see completely gone definitely recommend that.

And the last thing that I got was this of brushes here and it just came in this little woven bag.

And there it comes with four brushes and I think they claim to be like bamboo I’m not sure if they’re real bamboo but they’re really light and they’re pretty good quality really soft and they’re quite small.

But it’s really handy just for like putting in your makeup bag or traveling you know that sort of stuff so there’s a face brush which is I guess foundational contour blush and then a kabuki brush which is great for powder and then.

Just two more eye brushes yeah so yeah that’s it for today guys bye.