Being Financially Disabled Will Not Stop My Personal Development 2018 10

Hi if you’re watching this video then it means that you may be one of the people who are not so lucky financially or got themselves into a problem actually and I’ve concluded that their finances cannot be a reason not to evolve personally not to do personal development it’s not a reason to stay stuck and it means that you’re.

Motivated to actually work with yourself work on yourself and to grow so in this case you may contact me.

You may use the contact form on the specific page so if you’re watching this not on my website and click the link and there you’ll find the request form.

And I would like to tell you that I’m willing to work with you but there will be a few simple conditions.

Which you will find on my page but the most important ones are that I needed to be really motivated your motivation will determine if I’m going to work with you or not because I’m going to dedicate my time to you and I don’t like to waste my time this is not a new service I’ve done this already before and I’ve worked with two people they.

Were motivated but one when one of them was really very motivated and with that one I worked the longest the other one we did just four sessions and then that person chose to stop and that’s okay that was what that person needed in that in that moment but with the other one I decided to go to keep going but that person was really really motivated person had a lot of challenges to overcome and even to actually come to the sessions was it was a challenge by itself but that person was doing it and I have.

A lot of respect for people who are really doing what they feel they need to do and do an.

Effort for it and not surrender that’s why I kept working with that person and it was really fun it was a pleasure to work with a person and that’s how I like to do this charity work charity work needs to be fun fun.

In a way that there is the right energy that there is motivation and that people are serious about.

What they’re doing it’s a misconception that charity is just something you do unconditionally and you do it just to feel good or to.

Be able to say that are the charity work no charity work is something you do to really help people but these people need to be – to actually wants to be helped yeah I would like some help but they’re not.

Serious at all so whatever you gonna do for them will not help them at all they will just sit there and one of the sayings I love the most or maybe it’s not a saying it’s a short story it’s a Chinese one where a poor man went to a fisherman and asked.

Him for food and the fisherman said I will not give you fish but come with me I will teach you how to fish yourself this is how the poor man could start to supply himself to feed himself and I would add on top of that when I help people to learn to fish to work on themselves to resolve their problems then I do it in such way that these people can also solve different.

Problems that come out the back so in case of fishing it would mean learning to fish more than what you need so you can actually sell it or exchange it.

For something else so you will be able to also eat bread vegetables fruits whatever that’s how I work with people and if you’re still watching till this point it means you’re really motivated and you’re serious that’s when I’m willing to work with you so if you’re watching till here I will give you a code that you can put in the request form just in the.

Comment there’s no indication in the request form that there is actually a code so people are not motivated will not watch.

Till the end and the code is yeah what is the code sunshine sunshine is the code you just put sunshine between brackets or so is or you say you write the code is sunshine and of course please tell me in.

Short what it is you want to work on or what it.

What it is that you feel that you’re stuck in and even if you don’t know what you’re really stuck.

Feel like I’m stuck and I need something I feel I need to move out of the situation but I have no clue what the.

Course is and where the where things are heading that’s also fine just be honest tell me whatever you know and we’ll work from there my gift is that I can.

Sense a lot when people are open to them so I can guide you and help you find the root of the problem and then I will teach.

You how to solve it and teach you how to solve problems in general and work from there so you’re really motivated and we can work face-to-face online by phone would you see just let me know contact me I’m looking forward to working with you have a wonderful day.