Planet X Nibiru Seen From Earth – We Have The Date Of Arrival! – So…what's Important About It?

Years of staying silent oh we know it is quite weird how the authorities.

Approaches the issues of Planet X now let’s go to dates that have been so far proposed for the arrival of latter days first we must talk about Nancy yoga she’s the first person in modern time to.

Speak up about possible planetary collisions on Hermes she is from England and since claimed that as a child she was kidnapped by aliens and received brains impacts sis claimed that these aliens were Cohen’s Eva consults the.

Ester base our forum called Zetas are these distal how her that they will soon be a planetary collision which reward our most of the life and civilizations on earth and see septage Judgment Day would.

Occurred in 2003 so there you have it two thousand entries were the first ever date proposed for the arrival of Nibiru however did not come and people started to abandon this theory however Miss Nancy leader herself already said that she would not make the real date public we.

Got up Social Security reason I mean it would make perfect sense if you think about it because the end of the.

World would cause everyone to panic chaos and violence.

Would break out everywhere and so I think in this case negligence is really a blessing or else we would destroy ourselves even before.

The Planet X arrived it is also reasonable to speculate that.

C is false by the government is size up to the pump I mean again it’s the martyr of world war securities.

And also group interest of their lives they were not easily let it go around our control a while later the dates of the rival if.

You spitted mm and hell ends of the world event however I’m going to make it clear today to 21st of December 2012 was only the end of the Mayan calendar and is not even a complete end but only the end of a cycle never did it indicates that the world was any the whole thing was already pointed out to be a misunderstanding of the Mayan culture people also become afraid because some astronomical alignment which took place at the same time and so these are pre people lu1 afraid people easily do die.

Panic and confuse many things for one another and so.

Planet X is fused with the ended of an Asian cleanser that has no were ending meeting was over in fact several other were and interiors were associated with this 2012 event not Planet X alone to name a few we have a solar maximum and even something as far-fetched as an interaction with the earth ends in black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy I mean the galactic centers intensified how the light-years.

Away and somehow they think we can come in contact with a black hole that makes without feeling anything dictates in advance optional you can probably tell that all the other dates you have heard confusions and.

Told they are really a big challenge for us people who want to inform and convince other you see all these delays keep making people lose faith and therefore they stop paying attention to the signs and they start listening to what the aliens want them to listen to so the message I want to convey here is.

Choose your source of information heavily for a lot of people just want attention or they simply don’t have a good source of information and they themselves can’t confuse you also need to keep a look out for your Casa Robbie all the phenomena such as the increase in the robot are normal as tidal activities Simek and volcanic activities they are clear evidence of something big that is coming and pools gravities is affecting us in many ways so why can we.

Not know a data arrival well the information is limited and we can only base.

Our calculations on the literally case that we have as well as a blurred-out that we have to connect so that’s basically it for today guys I hope this answers your questions of why the dates.

For Planet X keeping push into the future so if you see any dates out.

There check the source and how the data is supported and keep in mind that it is probably a hugs or confusions and don’t let it make you lose effect I mean it’s.

Only comes from people who want attentions or are not involved so why would you lose your faith for that stage so guys and.

Keep up in the sky also subscribe to us because we have new videos coming out very often this is JT an ex I hang out recently a mysterious object was discovered.

And it has redefined every single thing that we thought we know about black holes hello guys JT here and you’re watching X and in 2015 NASA discovered something coming out from a supermassive black holes now you don’t have.

To be a genius to know that black hole sucks alien everything not spill things out a brief black hose 101 for those who want to know a bit more black holes are poised.

Into space-time Continuum’s where matters are so dense that the gravitational force is so powerful that’s absolutely nothing in the known.

Universe even light can escape or at least that is what we had known until this discovery something’s changed extremely strange come out of the.

Supermassive black holes Macrina 335 and has really filed perception of black holes and maybe in the futures of the universe so what happened was that two NASA space telescopes including the nuclear spectroscopic telescope array or NuStar was shot miraculously observed the corona of the black holes.

Macari intuitive 5 launched itself away from supermassive black holes right after this incredible event a massive pose of a crazy energy spill hot what exactly happened nobody knows and everyone is baffled this.

Is the first time we have been able to link the launching of a corona to a flare sadar working of Saint Mary University this will help us understand how.

Supermassive black holes power some of the brightest object in the universe the principal investigators of new star Fiona Harrison ever silences phenomenons has never been heard of or not even being mathematically possible it has in fact changes everything that we thought we had known about how black holes exists as functions she added that however the fact that we have been able to actually recall some.

Up an extremely rare phenomenon in the unknown universe at our current technologies provide us with some clues about the size and structures of black holes in generals and in my Korean 25 in particular hopefully see a dip it could give even give us some new Intel on how house function now well it.