Product Review: Calligraphy With Crayola Markers Bloopers At The End

Hey guys welcome to my channel I am Jessica Alexis from the trendy Voyager if you know me from Instagram if you’re new to my channel I post content on travel lifestyle wellness and just anything that I enjoy doing so I’m truly myself on this channel I know I haven’t posted a video in a very long time but I’m.

Trying to get better with posting more consistently and just bringing you a content that I love and want to share with you guys so today I’m actually doing a review on.

The crayola crayola graffiti.

H Lee is YouTube channel and I thought I’d give it a try because you know I just love art and I love drawing and just trying new things so this isn’t a sponsored video this is just something that I wanted.

To give a try and give them my honest opinion so if you are interested in seeing how this product works.

For me then just keep watching okay so this is the set right here and so it says it.

Brings 45 pieces and in the 45 pieces this includes 15 instruction pages and.

That’s going to be good because I need to practice three free mobile art pages 12 tooltip’ markers to gel pens one in black or actually one in silver and one in gold one photo frame for place cards and on the back it has all of the I guess all.

Of the colors that are prints here’s here’s you guys uh here yeah so it brings all these different colors in the set and I’m really excited to use the fall colors for my bullet journal alright so I’m gonna open it up over here guys probably not how you open.

Box whoops so this is what you see when you open the box I really like these fall colors for my villager so I think those are the first ones I’m going to be using and.

Then when you lift it off there are let’s see there is a Creole egg Rafi no pad and I guess this is where all the stencils are and all the things that you can start practicing and that’s it all right so we have the Pens and it brings all of these little hand lettering.

Stencils so the first one says learn Crayola grafite hand lettering calligraphy and it has.

A little this is so pretty so that’s the first one books so basically shows you all.

The different types of strokes and.

Which pen which side of each pen that you should be.

Using so this is going to be super helpful.

So if you want like the thicker font then you would be using I guess it’s the left side of the pen we’ll figure it out I think it’s obvious so that’s the second one in dimension so this has.

How to do all of this hopefully I can make it as pretty as bizarre and then get started with faux calligraphy thank you for not that vocally Rafi so here the different.

Stencils so that you can practice that I mentioned earlier and it brings a couple more this one says relax and all the different letters so basically like when you were in kindergarten and you were like practicing how to write good letters so it’s basically the same concept and I learned how to write my letter so I think I can learn how to do this I think so here it’s just like the entire alphabet it’s a couple of shoots of.

That and then it also has numbers and symbols so this is also pretty cool oh I’m going to get started you guys are going to watch me try this out but as you can see it is not the easiest thing to do calligraphy I made a couple of mistakes but again this is my first time trying.

Out calligraphy and I think I’ll need to practice a little bit more but overall I love the colors that are in this set there’s a lot of like fall colors such as.

These three colors and I like that they come with two ends so if you want to do the thinner lines you can use.

The lighter side of the pens and then if you want something a little bit more thicker with more body in it I can’t believe I just said that you would use the solid colors on the other side of the pen and yeah I went to Michael’s and these pens are like they range anywhere from two to ten dollars each and depending on what pens you get and I like that this that brings I think.

It’s like 12 or 14 different colors and then you get the entire set for 20 dollars so to me that’s a bargain but if you go on Amazon I noticed that you can get it for 1099 with Amazon.

Days shipping if it’s still up there so definitely.

Go to Amazon again not sponsored this is a good activity to do when you’re on the plane and you have a long flight or a layover this is just.

Something to doodle and just be creative and express yourself so definitely recommend this I am going to have to practice a little bit more but yeah I think I think this is fun.

And again if you are interested in checking Crayola ger I’ll include the link where you can purchase it on Amazon below in the description box if Amanda richly on YouTube for.

Doing all of the calligraphy videos because I thought.

This would be a lot easier but it’s not so definitely something that you should practice and again this is.

A great activity to do when you’re on the long flight or when.

You have a layover and you just need something to do or when your flights delayed to honestly like who doesn’t want to draw and get creative that’s it for today thank you so much for watching this video I hope you enjoyed it if you want to see other products and views on my channel then hit the subscribe button and hit the bell as well so you.

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Next video is up thanks for watching bye guys brings 45 pieces 15 instruction pages 3.

Ramble flammable girl hey guys I’m just.