Gl1tch3d 010 | Is Social Media Ruining Relationships? (q&a)

You only get like three minutes of flying for like a hundred bucks or something whoa oh yeah that’s a lot electricity from that fan and no one else got a giant fan I don’t know when I’m rich and famous maybe I’ll buy my own shield I’d.

Hide tight fan yeah and just go indoor skydiving in my own house by the ones from China Dada giant fan is.

Trying to blow the smoke away from the Olympics that’s right did they go fast enough to lift you up though they blew small kamat smog well smoke smog doesn’t even weigh nearly as much as.

A human being that blew it away you can’t do it feel a little fan sure you can you just blow a lot less away just say no what oh no oh all right so we got rock climbing skydiving and getting a girlfriend girls yeah yeah when was the last time that you slept more than nine hours Oh remember those.

Days good times I think it was probably when I was like really really sick and like it was just one of those days.

Where just like you just felt really tired and you just and you just felt sick and so you just slept basically all day or whatnot and so that’s usually really no I would say like years ago maybe years ago how do how do you usually sleep like five seven hours a day seven eight hours maybe I the last time I slept nine hours was when I got a migraine I get migraines not frequently but a few times a year probably.

And they put me out of commission for the entire day like I’ll wake up with a migraine and then take some medicine throw up probably and then go to my bed and I wake up and it’s like 11 o’clock at night mmm yeah migraines aren’t fun but I definitely sleep a lot during them because it’s kind of the only way.

I can drown out the pain what about you Michael I almost feel like a month ago oh lucky you well it’s just because like this week I slept like C today I slept three hours yesterday’s five hours five hours and we’re close that Damas today something gonna do for another nine hour just like thing cuz I really low.

Low though that sounds like one make it up it’s just back to like five hours a night did I I have to wake up at like 6:30 in the morning to get ready for work Monday at 9:00 no because I have homework so I don’t go to bed until like midnight and then I mean that’s one of the reasons I’m taking Saturday’s off at Domino’s.

Just so I can get those two days off and you know sleep without having to worry about waking up and having to do any of that stuff yeah that’s really nice it will be really nice at least.

Maybe I’ll be able to get some decent sleep for once in my life cuz I haven’t had Saturday’s off in like five years mmm-hmm what is your worst example of procrastination right now eggs and that’s what I.

Was gonna say three days I have a analytical essay I have to write about a movie which will be pretty easy because I can talk about movies a lot but it’s an analytical essay at the same time so that’s annoying and then I have an art project that’s due on the 8th of November and while that does seem like it’s quite a bit away the art project is gonna take at.

Least 16 hours to do sixteen hours is a long time especially when you have so many things to distract you with yeah it’s a good thing I’m.