Gl1tch3d 010 | Is Social Media Ruining Relationships? (q&a)

Who do you go out of your way to be nice – I feel like elderly people I mean they tend to be you know sometimes they can’t help themselves and sometimes like that you have to go out and be out of your way to actually help them out sometimes like also help out like Shore people if they can’t reach something up on the top shelf sure I’ll grab it.

For them like they’ll be like hey can I borrow your height for sake I was like yeah sure can you get.

This for me like I’ll help those people outside like haven’t struggle and everything like that so those people Whitney does that all the time because I stack the containers of the food like after I’m.

Done washing them super high and.

Just stares at them and she’s like Caleb I need your long arms – look out wait not like I go out of my way to be nice to like fast food and waiters and stuff like that like.

Fast food workers and waiters yeah I always tip them more than 20% because I know.

How crappy their jobs can be at times and stuff and it’s like I believe in the.

Whole you know a decent tip can make your.

Entire shift or something like that because I’ve had that happen before where somebody is like there was one night where this lady decided to tip me like 27 dollars after she won at a casino it made my night it was.

Really nice oh yeah but no I try and tip a very a decent amount for like pretty much any restaurants that accept tips I guess yeah if I’m like picking up like carryout or something I’ll tip them five bucks because I mean that’s probably five times more than people.

Who usually order carryout – I don’t mean to brag or anything that I’m a pretty nice person right okay for me this feels like a trick question because says will you go after way to help people and I just kind of most the time just.

Like just something I do is I feel like I’m doing it like out of my way like I’m I’m halting something to like help them on my way like like wouldn’t you with.

The routine things like oh it’s like I just feel something I just I just do I don’t know I guess we’re going in.

This in this suit in this situation like you can also think like oh I’m right in the middle of like I’m right in the middle of something it’s not necessarily super important but I do want to be doing it and then somebody gives you a call or something and asks for help and you’re like okay I’ll put everything down and go help this person that kind of thing oh.

Just friends yeah exactly I’d go out of my way to help friends I’ve done that tons of times friends and cute girls yeah there we go.

Doctor yeah and maybe they’ll love you for it or something hopefully hopefully if you were given a PhD degree but had no more knowledge of the.

Subject of the degree besides you have now what degree what do you want to be given to you I don’t.

Get it all right so so I’m not saying any more knowledge so like say you were given a PhD like for any.

Subject but you have to choose.

Which subject like you are most knowledgeable about so it’s like say right now you’re super knowledgeable like about Nintendo Wii games or something this is just waiting Thank You Bri is not real science math pretty much it can be a degree in pretty much anything but you have to choose like what PhD you would choose like for the thing that you know that you know the most about right now like what’s the goods I won’t learn.

Anymore well you can learn and you can learn more but the PhD.

Has to go to whatever you if you are given a PhD degree but had no more knowledge of the subject of the degree besides what you have now what degree would you want to be given.

To you yeah no more so we don’t get any more knowledge afterwards okay sure once that had no more knowledge of the subject of the degree besides.

What you have now so I’ve always skip it this is too complicated I thought this would be fun I’m sorry what’s your answer Caleb I was gonna say I was gonna say anime anime.

Yeah I mean like I have a vast knowledge about anime and stuff like that just like how.

Like how it gets produced and stuff and all kinds of anime like that it’s not saying that you can’t gain any more knowledge but like you won’t just gain all of that knowledge from getting the degree and everything like it’s just whatever you know the most about I guess so choose anime yeah I believe that you don’t just watch anime you learn a lot more behind it yeah I watch anime about making anime that was an anime yea shirobako there’s a animate talking about like.

House manga shirobako over my something someone else like the manga artists and his assistants or something like that or monthly known as a cocoon or something like that no there is like a.

Series about like anime being produced and made and everything.

And all the complications that they go through to get out the first episode on time and everything like that it’s really complicated but it’s super fun the characters are.

Super fun I would be for American animation I’ll be like do they smell like cartoons from like Nickelodeon Disney a bit like things that uh Comedy Central makes all the word shows like a drawn together or gravity falls as well yeah just like everything made.

In the Western Western animation and stuff yeah it’s more niche so I feel like I could stand out a little bit more yeah less people will care but you could even do stuff roosterteeth is done roosterteeth what I do the red versus blue ruby they are like what thing did they do they’ve just done the TV.

Series camp camp I’ve heard about that what is the camp camp have you really not seen it I don’t watch roosterteeth my goodness you have to watch it camp camp is absolutely hilarious so imagine like camp lazlo and South Park had a baby camp.

Lazlo yeah imagine that camp lazlo.

And South Park had a baby so it’s just more it’s like it’s it’s like.

The style like the feel of camp lazlo like the quirky and like light-hearted characters and stuff with a couple sadistic characters but like kinda the vulgarity I guess of South Park it.

Doesn’t get nearly as vulgar as South Park but it’s like these 11 year olds swear a lot it’s really funny did they finish the show how many there are three seasons of it right now and all of its long like YouTube and stuff like that probably making a fourth one I don’t even know if they finished the.

Third season I think the third season aired fairly recently cuz the only reason I know about this cuz it really said blu-ray about five months ago yeah camp camp is awesome though it’s so funny.

Also Ruby season six just started airing okay yeah I’m so excited I watched the first episode watching like the change from the first season all the way to the current season is spectacular like not only did they get a decent budget for like the animation and everything but now it’s like a full-blown story like you’d find on TV or something like that it’s okay it’s.

Gorgeous it’s so good and it’s in the action scenes have improved a lot too okay Josh do you understand the question a little bit more now yeah maybe something with like video games just like how they’ve developed and everything like that or and maybe even like testings stuff like that cuz I feel like I know like how video games can be made and everything like that and then I play a lot of them so I mean why not perfect know like the super shooters or maybe first-person shooters.

Or other types of like because it’s onra.

Yeah maybe basically that’s my answer yeah I saw the 4k Michael yeah you’re gonna studying it mm-hmm it was really.

Tempting prize oh yeah definitely.

I love the first day and the quality is really.

Good maybe they’ll be like a double feature or something in the future where they have.

Like the first Halloween and the current one when it gets released or something like 4k together yeah they did that for Jurassic Park and the Jurassic world movies that’s because they crap ton of movies okay this is just like no I mean they did like a Jurassic world double feature.

Like where they included the first and second then the 4k oh wow okay next one I see the second one okay yeah what smartphone feature would at would you actually be excited for a company to implement see this one is difficult like I looked at that question I’m like uh listen it’s gonna be very interesting to talk about because they ever.

Wish like there was like an app on your phone they could do something that it doesn’t do well that’s the question I don’t know I’m just restating the question pretty much oh on my iPhone I want to be able to rotate video because sometimes area I start reporting like this like oh shoot never go like this oh.

Oh yeah can’t rotate it yeah yep I travel go on why is.

It go it’s gonna be LC me player ring code the whole thing’s like oh I don’t want to do that just flip it it’s like a picture that’s fine I wish it were a little bit easier to like edit photos and videos and music and all that kind.

That you record on your phone and kind of put it all.

Together maybe they have laughs at the garage camp kind of but garage camp is like too basic and like they don’t have a whole lot of features I wish there was like maybe like audacity or Final Cut Pro or something that you could like implement like a knife.

Like an iPhone version of that or an iPad version of that or something like that I’m sure that okay yeah maybe I don’t know if they have but that’d be really nice if they did mm-hmm honestly for me I I don’t even know man like there’s so many there’s so.

Been thought up of I feel like and I don’t know what there’s not really any problems I have my cell phone or anything like that so I mean like battery or maybe maybe more battery life or something like that or maybe.

An app that like helps you like solar charger phone or something of course yeah some long lines.

Of that maybe I don’t know maybe that you can have an app and that app charges your phone instead of what I have to be really cool like they actually add like a solar panel screen or something like that for.

Your phone instead of having like a portable charger to carry around like you just place your screen out in the Sun or something and it just charges on its.

Own then you can use that screen like let’s say you can like I’d say whew you’re not charging or anything like that you can use.

That like screen to have it like charged up oh yeah from the Sun and then you can charge it at a later time so you have all this like energy built up mm-hmm maybe you know oh yeah Ramon.

Still a Game Boy game like boktai a Buckeye you guys know what that is I have no idea it’s a Game Boy Advance game what’s that on.

The top of it it’s just a little solar panel on top of it so of course you play outside did you have a Sun gun and shoot enemies like oh my – Emma we have to go outside recharge it.

Let it sit in the Sun for like five minutes until I get more ammo yeah it was a.

Reference in Metal Gear Solid 4 yeah they had the gun in the game really doing something I don’t remember yeah I’m looking at my camera on the screen my tongue is blue you would you eat a jolly rancher all right that’s why I was so quiet when I first got on discord because I was still eating it sure that was the answer that’s cuz I didn’t want to talk to you clowns your clown show uh-huh what outdoor activity haven’t you.

Tried but you’d like to I know that requires going outside which is something most of us don’t really do but is there anything that you guys want to do that requires you to go outside maybe girlfriend I will do any of stuff like all this that looks boring.

Football soccer other stuff oh yeah skydiving looks absolutely.

Dumb actually not my jam I would like to go skydiving are you doing once like thing alone do it like over and over again Allen ona maybe rock climbing for me I don’t know you like climbing with a free hand and stuff well.

Like we know with like gear okay not like no no way I have I wouldn’t trust myself you know with free hand palms.

Are sweaty yeah knees weak mm-hmm it’s not the song to be listening to when you’re rock climbing ya mom’s spaghetti I’d really like to go skydiving I have a fear of heights but I’ve always wanted to just freefall and stuff like that well not.

Freefall I obviously want a parachute but it just was a lot of fun like William Walker in the Chocolate Factory that the giant bands gonna float they actually have something like that in Seattle like an indoor skydiving chamber I wouldn’t mind that it is so expensive though and.