Gl1tch3d 010 | Is Social Media Ruining Relationships? (q&a)

Ill album I have that no there needs to be a Kidz Bop version of spongebob.

Second season like they released like Kidz Bop 97 or whatever spongebob second season needs to be on that list of today’s top hits hmm what’s the news Kidz Bop I last heard it was like 50 are you know they’re actually 50.

Bop albums let’s go to location what are the chances that some of the kids who are singing in the Kidz Bop album actually go on to be like the YouTube child singers or whatever like Jacob sutorius or Rebecca Black or something like that what if like those are the kids.

Take and try and bring to fame over YouTube.

Or something like that no like that would make too much sense so four main albums there’s 38 oh that’s not so last last one came about July 13th but there is compilation kids Bob’s like kiss BOTS mega hits Kidz Bop Hanukkah Kidz Bop The Beatles 90s.

Christmas Halloween Halloween – how many collects the coolest kids bops and there is about 20 of those and as a candidate.

The exclusive edition of Kidz Bop who so like let’s go to the mall by Robin sparkles oh.

No it just says Kidz Bop 2018 exclusive to Canada hmm there’s a kiss bop tour that’s officially one adults and multiple kids on the stage that’s kind of creepy busy adult their manager.

Like that it was at 2007 Minneapolis at a Target Center 2007 there hasn’t been a tour since to those injured Oh oh that’s the first one the newest.

The best time ever tour oh my god the last time I listened to a Kidz Bop album was the skater boy album with by Avril Lavigne like whenever they covered that song whenever they covered that song.

That was the last Kidz Bop album I even listened to I remember have it there were like commercials for the newest albums and stuff and I would cringe every time after that it was mostly on Cartoon Network at a partnership with Legoland and a game there was a Kidz Bop game for a Wii party well there’s your next game that you need to collect on the Nintendo Wii it’s probably like 2 bucks see um.

Yeah it’s just it’s just dance but kids Bob oh that’s creepy you okay say you mentioned they had a Halloween album Oh rated E for Everyone that’s appropriate oh it’s made by the LM thing yeah III they have party at some games Oh publisher say yes.

Yesterday me and my sister went to go see the new Halloween like the new magazine yeah the 2018 version so in my opinion like before I saw this movie the first Halloween like the one back in the 70s was the only one that you needed to see what would you write the first one the first one I would rate like an eight maybe an eight out of 10 it.

Was good it was really good I mean classic horror movies like the first movies are usually really good like I think the same thing about Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th like all those movies they’re.

Kind of corny just because they don’t age amazingly well with the special effects and stuff but they’re still good but.

As for the Halloween movies the first one was the only good one and every single sequel was awful it was just so stupid but me and my sister went to go see the new one in theaters I think it was on par with the first movie like the new Halloween the new Halloween movie was so good it was super good hmm when it comes to horror movies I don’t really watch like the supernatural movies and stuff.

I mainly do like slasher movies and stuff like right.

At the 13th and stuff just because I don’t like the supernatural jump scares and stuff like in the conjuring movies yeah I’ve definitely heard it’s the best Halloween sequel.

Hmm I wouldn’t say it’s like it’s it’s not better than the first one but first like sequel it’s really good it’s really amazing I think that I mean I think it’s on par with the first one just because like I think Halloween like the first movie was good because it’s like a classic if they release the same movie today it wouldn’t be nearly as good but the new Halloween like on its own is a great movie it was just really.

Well done and Jamie Lee Curtis is amazing in that movie okay yeah um anyways you guys ready to start the Q&A wait are you getting the Halloween movies in 4k if they if they have them yeah yeah that Halloween and Halloween oh okay so like Halloween whenever that came out in Halloween 2018 they’re both being 4k.

1978 and Halloween and 4k yeah I’ll get them yeah 1978 it came out 40 years after the first movie and I just came out with 4k it’s like 18.

Dollars well since you bet alright um Josh looks like he’s ready to start the Q&A so let’s do this okay all right all right so our first question after.

All of these and took out all the ones we would never be able to start a conversation.

With this is the person in the past people were buried with the items that they would need in the afterlife what would you want to.

Be buried with you if you could use it in.

The afterlife I can use it what kind of afterlife I would talk about like Heaven Hell or just.

Like okay in this scenario dude and Dante’s Inferno that’d be scary if we were let’s.

For the sake of not getting into like a religious debate or anything like that let’s just assume we turn into ghosts like cursed around forever or something like.

That we can’t touch anything but we can bring one object into the afterlife that we can use if we such that object or is.

This like yes we can cause on the ground we can touch it no everything else falls on the ground we can’t touch it but the one item.

We get buried with we can touch I think your phone would probably be nice yeah oh and when she’s like an electronic it has like unlimited.

Ability has it dead you just fly over there I don’t know you could get like curse texts or something like chain emails or something like that being led 30 go-go’s text people or something yeah you could text there goes means sorry don’t mind.

Me I’m just texting Michael Jackson here thank you to us hmm maybe maybe you’re not young maybe.

It was maybe if we die after the podcast gets popular so people actually know who we are so we can be considered like internet celebrities okay then maybe he would talk to us but electronic devices let’s say they have unlimited power so we don’t need to be buried with like a plugin or something like that that’s two things yeah I’m kind of trying to stray away from the using.

Your phone thing same here like I know I mean the phone would be useful but at the same time it’s kind of like there other things said rather other things I’d.

Rather use you know although it would be nice if I could get buried with my Nintendo DS or at my two DS I guess because that way you can still play games and stuff like that well you tell like have a phone.

To have a emulator on it well I have an iPhone so emulators are out of the question yes I waited this is one of the only things that I think you pass a few realize that for bringing a phone with us through the dead we’re dead what are they gonna do nothing come after.

Us I’d choose my game boy though I mean there’s only so much that I can take when it comes to a touchscreen I really like the physical controls like the analog stick and the buttons and stuff like that I actually just got pokemon heartgold did yes oh you noticed.

Yep I found a copy in Arlington oh wow it was worth it it’s my favorite Pokemon.

The game of all time it’s very nostalgic you know that game I’d bring my D s yep SoulSilver don’t ya know that’s Daniel oh you have her black mark old nice yes what.

About you guys our no like I’m dead I don’t I don’t think I need anything I don’t need food I can go to other ghosts for entertainment it’s gonna be kind of boring left anyways.

You can roam around the world trying to spook people yeah but ring like a stick it’s good ghosts dicks not gonna hurt anybody’s go go right through much like.

Me so I don’t know but if you got buried alive with like an animal a live animal yeah so the animal died in would be brought to the afterlife with you I rather be pets with probably dead animal and sim for that a little bit to.

Be dead well I mean luckily in the afterlife you don’t have to worry about having a pet allergy yeah I don’t dies just be miserable you don’t like animals anyway and I don’t know I never grew.

Up with pets so it’s hard to say what about cats cats are pretty chill I don’t know I like cats for like five minutes I hang out with them but like all pet.

Owners like oh like really love.

It and they really hate it I love my cat I mean I have constantly talked about how much I love my cat I guess the game boy I can’t really switch oh that would be a good idea.

To think about that I was thinking about cable or one of four games like linking the four source actually play somebody else for the switch or the game of the.

Gameboy oh yeah he was like Greve I was so annoyed because a Link to the Past came with the four swords game but.

You needed people to play with and I didn’t have people to play with so all I played was a Link to the Past great game but you know I still wanted to play for swords yeah all right so Nintendo DS.

A switch slash Game Boy and a phone yeah so technically I.

Guess you could say that you’re in another world with your smartphone hey – the harem yeah disappointed I’ll just be buried alive with a harem unlimited fun again so perfect we can cross that off the list and we can go right to the next question who do you go ahead.