Gl1tch3d 010 | Is Social Media Ruining Relationships? (q&a)

Now I just want to just look at this crap my gosh do you want to go oh yeah I mean I guess sure oh he’s doing this sure yeah.

So my song of the week is by Matthew Parker.

He came out with the new album I think this past Friday.

I believe and his new album called daydreamer shameless plug so gotta hug cuz you had everything to do with that album No so one of the good songs I just been listening to is called lucid it just has a really good really.

Good beat it’s mostly like dubstep type EDM basically and so I just like jamming jimandelle to that although you know if I’m in my car I have to be sure not to speed remember when I’m driving down the road you know that’s one of the hardest.

Things about listening to like EDM or fast paced music when you’re driving you kind of want a speed like to match the beat of the music right yeah you know it’s my song of the week awesome I’m looking for what.

My song of the week was Michael did you find hey no no you didn’t okay just add one all right so my song of the week is I’m sorry.

About this people I was actually just talking about how I’ve only been listening to podcast recently making movies you have all should have albums of songs you wanted okay my song of the week is will he by Joji yeah I’m getting angsty mm-hmm so for those.

Of you who don’t know who Joe G is Joe G is filthy Frank oh yeah yeah he quit doing YouTube and became a singer and at first I was kind of upset because you know.

Filthy Frank is awesome I loved his videos they’re so funny I.

Should archive his channel yeah but his music like his non pink guy music Joe G is fantastic like will he was the first song that I ever heard by him like under his new name and at the music video was just super depressing like a lot of it involves like blood and surreal weird crap and stuff like that but it’s just a really good kind of depressing song but it’s just it’s super mellow at the same time like something you.

Could sleep to almost it’s just it’s got an amazing beat to it the holy crap I definitely recommend that if you haven’t heard anything about Joji yet yeah my son weak will he buy joji oh sure that’s checked about archiving filthy Frank um.

My song would be bye I just had it I’ll go goat this song uh you lied by Alistair before the break it before the blackout that’s not the elbow crew name I don’t know I like that song it’s a good song very insightful thank you alright so those are our three songs of the week everybody sorry it took so long to get to this point we were getting.

Really good this somebody loves those points or is babble or al words are the only reason people.

Listen to the podcast is to figure out like what songs of the week we’re gonna have because we always have the best songs of the week I mean honestly I think everybody was sold on the podcast as soon.

As you mentioned spongebob second season okay didn’t do it.

I listened to this when I was a kid like that’s why I knew what you were talking about it’s like oh it’s like it gets in your head there needs to be a Kidz Bop version of spongebob yes.