Gl1tch3d 010 | Is Social Media Ruining Relationships? (q&a)

Millionaire movie no you haven’t seen the social network no no dude it’s one of my top five movies of all time why haven’t you watched it it wasn’t.

In your top five movies in our movie talk that was just five movies we recommend it if we’re talking.

About top movies then the social network is definitely in it and actually it was in my top 5 in my 5 recommended movie lists it was in the first part the one that got corrupted the audio yeah okay so yeah we had to pit we were supposed to pick five new movies.

Cuz we didn’t want to retake about them yeah anyways I’ve been thinking about like if if I could ever have like the funds and the skill necessary to make an anime or something like that what it would be about and stuff and it’s gonna go the stereotypical like transported to another world fantasy series use ignite pretty much it’s.

Gonna be a nice acai series but it’s not gonna be about one main character and they’re gonna be like six or seven characters in it.

Altogether like there will be like one main character but like seven people like seven of his friends that had gamed with like on like an MMO or something get transported there with them like.

A clan or something like that and they all get transported after they like beat the.

Game like know something nobody else had been able to do before and the game is all like hey these people are worthy let’s take him to this world or something like that and then they get transported and everything and I also want the series to go for.

64 episodes wait series no not a movie no I’m talking about an anime yeah.

Cuz you guys you really do four one two we’ve learned it from I had a look at his name Richard Williams what about Richard about is it all possibly it sounds familiar he’s.

An really famous animator who’s did.

A Lance work for like some animations for movies like little scenes ads of things just freelance brilliance work mumbles will think enough but overall like he said like his dream goal was to make a movie and put every single penny is sent into the movie he’s that guy could’ve I.

Like a yeah a nice house like nope I like live bare minimum and made this.

Movie I took him sixty years to make it huh it’s called a thief and the cobbler and at the end of its days he’s like oh yeah like 90% Donnie like a couple more million dollars they washed it they were like no.

It’s not interesting in a lab Ian came at the same time you know this is 90s then mm-hmm okay yeah he’s like well this moves a lot like Latin it takes place in the Saudi Arabia type thing and they kind of like rework the whole thing it’s it’s kind of a sad story there’s a documentary oh that’s really cool though hmm so he never finished the movie then technically no because they both movie and they rearranged.

The last 20% into their liking like adding musical scenes trying to make it less more family-friendly mm-hmm but has some of the best animation it’s really cool yeah so what I mean like when I talk about like having the funds.

And resources or whatever in reality I’m saying like okay I want to plan out everything like all the details and stuff and then when I think okay this would be a really good anime or something like that then it would just like magically appear with like a blu-ray box like the entire series right in front of me well I would never be able to finish a 64 episode series on my own you need tons of you.

Like the james rolfe ain’t gonna.

Be exactly where the character is at home just all the care just be you I mean like I’ve put so much thought into.

Like how the story goes what kind of character development would happen the music like there are gonna be five openings to it and stuff since it’s even as far as somebody else yeah it’d be fun to curate down and I mean known to the thing is like all of these characters like they’re gonna progress into like wrote like a couple of them will have like romantic interests and stuff.

Like that like the main character and then a couple in then like maybe a couple of the people that were in his clan are like already dating or something like that so but something like.

That like I’m just I want to take all of the tropes that everybody is kind of sick of about anime and try and improve on them and turn it into like this long-running really crazy good show yeah serious go for then cuz the first half’s not.

Gonna be well they just like keep doing over over again it’s gray slowly get better the worst thing is when I’m thinking about like the openings to this kind of stuff I’m only taking openings.

That other Anna I’ve already used mmm like killer kills second opening I want that to be the final.

Opening for the series like in the last 13 episodes and stuff because that’s like where like you know it reaches peak intensity I guess in this series mm-hmm because it’s like oh so this is like the main villain or something like that and he’s gonna kill people or whatever so you.

Know we need a badass intro for the final part of the.

Series and stuff like that and then the.

First opening and everything it’s like a lot more.

Lighthearted and adventurous like you’d be discovering like an entire new world like the main characters would be and stuff like that and I choose like it’s actually I think it’s the closing to the my hero academia movie long hopefully uh-hmm yeah one was really good I think.

It would work really good as an opening but no it’s just kind of like.

When I’m alone or something like shower thoughts or like when.

You’re just sitting alone in the car not listening to anything and you’re just kind of going through all of this in your head you’re kind of in mine kind of.

Wanders and stuff like that it’s like oh this would be a good idea who that could happen this series I don’t know it’d be get a lot of fun if like you had the power to be able to like just kind of make anything you imagine kind of like form itself right in front of you yeah and I’d.

Be cool so yeah so we can mark this down as like one of the longest introductions to a podcast ever yeah how.

Long was it was the timeline I think we’ve been.

About this for like 20 minutes now hmm Wow and we haven’t even gotten to the song of the week do we want to do our science.