Gl1tch3d 010 | Is Social Media Ruining Relationships? (q&a)

It every single day no matter if you log in or not cuz like one day i’ll i’ll spend like a couple thousand grow bucks and i have like.

Two thousand roebucks and then like a month later i log in and it’s like oh you have 5,000 grow bucks and it’s like what when did I get all that Club is nice cuz.

Everything is everything costs roebucks nowadays you either.

Are happy a member to get any currency at all or you pay real money for roebucks yeah yeah like every single online game microtransactions yep have you ever liked okay so I’ve also been thinking about this a long time but like have you ever gotten to a point where you’re just kind of like thinking if you could create like a TV show or like an anime or whatever like that what kind of.

Details you’d put in like the overall story what kind of music you’d have and stuff like that have you ever thought about stuff like that yeah sometimes you know okay alias movies I’ve been thinking about it a lot okay I thought about movies too like at some point I do.

Want to direct and star in a film.

Like a romantic comedy but like not like some stereotypical romantic comedy like 50 first dates no no I’m.

Talking like a quirky like a quirky romantic comedy like a something you know like something from a Sundance Film Festival like that kind of quirky oh sorry man I mean if it were a romantic comedy sure yeah yeah maybe is the.

Kind of is that how you interpret it I want to start the entire movie off with the main character getting broken up with by his long-term girlfriend and then it just flashed for flash forwarding like three months oh you mean like a satellite and milk cow no not like breaks up he’s.

We don’t even know this isn’t gonna be a podcast where we’re.

Talking about satellite girl and milk now I still need to rid of that movie I still want to get.

Rid of that movie I’d never finished it it was so bad I just.

Loved it you brought it up gyro base to start off the movie no I’m not I’m okay if I could compare the beginning of the.

Movie to any other movie it’d be similar to the beginning of the social network where Mark Zuckerberg is talking to his girlfriend at the bar and she like breaks it off with him well like after the title it like flash-forwards him like three months later like it when the full grown beard he hasn’t left his house or whatever tried to.

Make any friends or whatever he’s like in that breakup stage or something and then his friends drag him out to a bar telling him.

You needs to get laid or new girlfriend or something like that and then like he’s like where am I gonna find another girl and then he turns around and like the jukebox starts playing like I want to know what love is right.

When she walks through the door or something like that like right when the chorus starts something quirky like that you know I’ve never seen it all I know those weak boss twins rowing a boat.

That’s all I know no I was I was only comparing like the first part of that like him getting broken up with in his in the bar and stuff after that all of this stuff I was talking about is like the my.