Gl1tch3d 010 | Is Social Media Ruining Relationships? (q&a)

I get happy and everything but in reality I don’t think I’ve watched past season six even though I own three more seasons yeah after with the Justin Bieber dude with a bull cut after you got married I stopped Oh Howard yeah Howard yes a little anything I think he has a kid.

Now I think the character him and Bernadette had a kid and then she yeah because he what he’s been trying to knock.

Her up yeah and then Sheldon got married to Amy which was weird this kind of brings back to like our conversation about like the movie and TV show tropes that we get annoyed with like.

Tori was talking about like how when the show became more focused on getting everybody girlfriends that’s when the show started declining yes when they started from more ply oriented instead of character-driven stories I don’t know I think the Big Bang Theory was like good in the first couple seasons cuz it’s like oh it’s a nerdy humor and I can relate to that kind of stuff but yeah they aired it in game tops mm-hmm then it just gets to a point where it’s just not fun anymore.

No and they should get referential like you’ve seen the the YouTube video from Lamech douchebag where the shag referenced this long thing like we’re playing ping pong jaws Game of Thrones flooring stores that are data that uh I ever see a blog reference chain it wasn’t funny at all I’ve heard the name Lyle mikdash back in years I I don’t think I’ve.

Heard from him after sanity not included after he got killed off I think that was oh yeah that was long anymore it was a lot oh okay yeah he was shot himself at the end back to what I was saying about thinking of something sad like we all had those online games that we played as kids and stuff and we had that group.

Of friends like it’s not actually like people we knew in real life but people played online with and clammed up with all the time yeah and like every once in a while you’ll log back in on that game and stuff just to.

See like what it what’s become of it and then you look at your friends list and you look at all those people that you played with and it says I’m like the right-hand-side last log in five years ago or something I think that’s I saw like a meme at.

That one point we’re like a guy would log into his.

Xbox and you know I play with that one guy for like a couple times and you look back and it was just said like five years ago or something like that.

Yeah there was another one yeah there was another one there it was a 4chan post and it was about this guy who met this like Arabic guy or something while playing Team Fortress 2 and like he stood up for him when people were making fun of his accent and they always played like Team Fortress 2 together and he had this like weird waist talking like you healed I I shoot you heal that kind of thing or whatever but.

Then one day he gets a private message from him and it says hello friend bad times in country a head might not be online much we’ll try and get back to you as soon as I can godspeed have good day and then on the right hand side it’s like last login 514 days ago oh wow it was super sad yeah but like that I just I was thinking about like when I played roblox like in middle school and stuff like that constantly like okay it was.

Fun back in middle school okay I mean that was a kid it was stoplight are you pointed to yet face cams on I can see you trying not to laugh Michael why did you go of either for like dying immigrants to frickin roblox.

Cuz it’s that is not the same thing if I stay war and new and middle school play roblox as that’s.

But now I’m saying be here what what I’m just trying to say is like I started thinking about all the people that I used to play with on roblox like every single day and how like we.

All kind of just grew up and stopped playing so much yeah like I think I’m at other games like Josh I know you’ve played roblox a couple times with me since then and then I have worry I still ed that there’s a star fall that still plays pretty somewhat frequently do you remember star fall right yeah as she goes by like atomic meow or something like that now but then I’m thinking like I love sushi and gray and all those people and it’s amazing.

I used to play with those people.

All the time I don’t know I was like.

13 at the time they were like 12 or something we were pretty close in age but now like I ended up deleting them off of my friends list because they hadn’t logged in in like seven years yeah it’s just kind of sad I got big wife I have like six friends on my friends list now yeah it was rental is your roblox on roblox.

Get so many friend requests from new players and stuff like that no and.

I delete all of them and it’s if I ever get famous and people find out like my username on roblox and start sending me like friend requests and everything.

If when they when that when do you guys come back to this video just.

Know it’s nothing personal it’s very personal I don’t want to have like forty thousand friends on my friends list that I don’t know at all like I want to be friends no I want to be able to like sort.

Them out by people I actually know or have played with constantly and stuff like that people I can call co-exclusive yeah I’m a very exclusive person you can only be friends with me on roblox if you’re a VIP.

My friend yeah my friends this is VIP only so in reality it is Josh Jonathan’s old account Starfall my sister Tori and I want to say there’s like one other perk I think it was.

Blaze the ice it was your brothers yeah yeah yeah he doesn’t play video games in general anymore yeah well I didn’t see him play horizon zero dawn the other day really plain not a lot yeah that’s a great game can I take.

A raffle in the patreon to be killed.

Friends on roblox exclusively play when I login once every month and probably don’t play any games yeah I literally log in just to get the.

They have because I think I think I bought like a one-year outrageous builder Club membership well I mean a login bonus meaning like you get roebucks every single day that you login you know how they did that with tickets and stuff you’d get 10 tickets every day that you know because they do that once a month well I’m like oh my log anymore now i think i think the login bonus is like just it gives you.