Gl1tch3d 010 | Is Social Media Ruining Relationships? (q&a)

Really easy bringing out the bad of people it has it has pros like social networking has pros but I think that if you kind of rely on it too much then it’s gonna bite.

In the back personally like I yeah you need to be able to balance your face-to-face conversations.

And like real life relationships as instant satisfaction instead of just getting that few likes on a meme that.

You post or something like that.

Oh do a selfie like like oh like 50 people like this honestly like I don’t even know like it I don’t even care about selfies and everything if somebody posts a selfie and they’re looking pretty it’s like oh that’s cool but I would much rather hear like a life accomplishment or something off like then they’re posting on Facebook and stuff.

Like that but the thing is Facebook has become pretty much just memes and selfies and stuff like you don’t really hear about like people’s amazing successes or something or like you don’t get to keep up to date with their life anymore it’s just pictures and memes pictures and memes pictures and memes you know like status update like status like a picture.

Is not a status update a meme it’s not a status update getting a new job that you’ve been working for for a long time that’s a status update yeah or you engaged yeah if you get engaged definitely I want to know that I’d be happy for so far and few in between like would be like months years profess stuff gonna happen I don’t either you have really empty fee with nothing to do daily for you I try to.

Post something you do every week and you get so annoying you don’t read all their stuff or anybody’s done well even posting a picture like even posting.

Like a status update like hey I just went to the mall with my best friend and then having a picture or something like that that’d be more interesting than just another selfie with a dog filter on it right become bought it’s like whoa oh well one minute I’ll be right back my cat is like whining crazy one.

Minute are we have to cut this early I don’t know because I gotta eat oh I said yes do detailing like crazy oh my goodness watch going out count Caleb your shitty-ass head vote on yes my cat is like freaking out right now.

There is like heart to thunder and rain coming right now it’s hailing dude look outside I know dude it was an atrophied there are discord dude you’re not gonna kill us yeah we better end this oh no.

Strom trom is dead we need to end the podcast before they get us – did you live in you have the same it’s me that means just blow the monitor in my little I like this part of the podcast you like this part of the punch.

What was that welcome to this special look widest yeah it’s actually a mukbang episode we’re gonna be eating some food for your viewing pleasure got it out me speak Thai hotter your daddy now okay is this better no all right guys that’s better that’s better okay you guys know what a mukbang is right it’s this it’s this videos where people eat food in front of the microphone alright so this is.

My mukbang ASMR of me drinking pepto-bismol I live now yes okay be safe.

Okay bye everybody bye whoops okay that’s the.