Gl1tch3d 010 | Is Social Media Ruining Relationships? (q&a)

Like right if you have a family member in another country or something then yes social media is an amazing way to keep in contact with them because that you know it’s impossible to be with.

Them every single second of the day and then there are like group chats and stuff so you can like keep up to date with everybody at the same time it’s just like there are tons of good ways and everything like that there are tons of pros to having a social network account but I don’t think that social networking is the best way to.

Build a relationship with a person I think that if you want to build a relationship with somebody like you want to build it with them like face to face.

And everything you want to get to know them personally.

I have over 250 friends on Facebook but I think I’ve only had a deep conversation and gotten to know about 25 of them altogether a bunch of those people are just people I’ve worked with.

In the past or people from high school or like distant family members or something that it’s like oh hey it’s my dad’s second cousin better add him on Facebook or something like that mm-hmm it’s like what I wouldn’t discuss like a major issue that I’ve been having in my personal life with some random person I added on Facebook just because they were a friend of a friend but I would discuss that pride.

Be happy to discuss that problem with the two of you because I trust.

You more than I would trust any of those people on my friends lists I don’t know it’s like it’s a good way to stay connected like after high school and everything where everybody goes their separate.

Ways but I think that you know building a relationship is best left to meetups in person you know yeah I agree I definitely agree with you on that one I think it’s Barry’s person-to-person cuz I just kind of learned like each platform has its own purpose it’s like I felt bad for not even posting anything on Facebook but then I realize like.

It’s it’s all family members stuff which we see like on the big huge holidays and they learn then so faithfully doesn’t matter to me it’s like I’ve I post some things on Instagram.

For like friends I mean they’re like too busy to hang out with but texts every once a while or like just like just kind of.

Like give them a general of five like I’m still doing okay mm-hmm right this last time we chatted like we do have deep conversations at least they know like I’m still out there I’m still trying to do things mm-hmm in the middle I’m going through personal issues so I.

Do think it is bad because do people would get self-absorbed and they can focus on social popularity yeah it’s Thunder that’s definitely Thunder yeah it’s all that’s all up here thank you really it’s a downpour over here go on because a social celebrity it’s people’s heads like like just because you have a billions of people on Twitter doesn’t mean like you go to the grocery store like like oh.

Like I want it like you’re a celebrity you just I don’t know it’s just really hard to say but I do think it’s good it’s just I think that’s.