Gl1tch3d 010 | Is Social Media Ruining Relationships? (q&a)

No my beard grows wait.

Don’t why do you shave it oh my goodness then there’s like 40 dollars down.

The drain it was a good joke because down the drain mm-hmm or in the garbage like I usually do you’re experiencing life so my worst hairstyle it’s either the copper blah I see the copper hair or back when I had it in the ponytail because that was pretty much just a millennial rat tail at the time all right wait like a Domino’s like I shaved the sides.

In the back of my head and stuff but I.

Had the hair like slicked back with like the ponytail in the back.

But it was only like that long it’s basically a millennial rat tail but now I cut off like all my hair like all of its pretty even at this point and I’m gonna go an entire year without cutting it at all to see where I get house doing so far island week.

Two is it thunder and rain outside right now I hear an airplane oh I thought it must be somebody oh yeah the same thing knew I was like what’s going on I don’t know weird I want to check my phone real quick just to make sure we’re not getting any thunder cuz that would suck.

If we had to stop this podcast early before I even get to the it’s not even dark out of it hmm it’s mostly cloudy chance of rain 40% we’re good yes but no I’m gonna let my hair all grow out evenly and stuff so if I ever want to go back into a ponytail it’ll actually look normal.

Mm-hmm yeah it’s gonna take like a year yeah.

Phone for when like what exactly one year happens one year from now a time capsule pretty much shave your hair and put in there and bear in the dirt.

Okay last night so this was a much happier note to end the Q&A on are you ready for the final discussion topic yeah what I was like question for the podcast no we still have fine okay all right so I thought we’d do the Q&A today yeah and we always end with the discussion topic that’s okay so the podcast go I’ll give you up like a half-hour.

Oh it’ll take less than a half an hour yeah I mean it’s a.

Pretty straightforward question um okay so I asked these.

Guys to think it over all weekend and this is a pretty big like a pretty big.

Issue I guess but um worth debating for sure but do you guys think that social media isn’t really doing its job anymore like.

Its original job in connecting people and do you feel like it’s more kind of disconnecting people from others instead I think you can I mean with that let me especially with like pulp politics a lot of people talk about.

If people talk about politics a lot in general and there’s two people who like who are friends and.

They go out each other because the two different political beliefs you know against each other it could definitely you know pull apart each other’s friendship and disconnect them and then when they’re out in real life you know I could get.

Awkward for both of them and you know they end up finding each other at the same time it could you know you could connect with people I mean honestly like right now I don’t I’m not really on Facebook as much I’m not really on all my social media because it’s just for me it’s just all I see is a lot on social medias people sharing memes or political stuff or you know wait time or on you know social media it’s just you tagged me Caleb and a meme or something like that.

Yeah or something else someone else you know tagging something but I’m Harley everyone.

It’s kind of for me it’s kind of disconnecting mothers because it’s just like okay that’s kind of weird what they’re posting and everything like that but I I’ve been like in the past I feel like it connected people at first but now I feel like it’s.

Progressed to the point where it’s like disconnecting people right now and even out when you’re out there in like real life – it’s like kind of awkward is that the wind I’m sorry for interrupting this topic but is that the wind that I’m hearing or is that actual thunder look.

Outside okay it’s the way I remember okay so there are statistics like about all this now so you know like the saying that in reality you can only have about 50 good relationships with people like be able to maintain you can only maintain like 50 deep relationships with hang like like so I consider you two to be two of my 50 like 50 people that I’d be able to maintain a decent friendship with right like I know you guys really well like we’re friends and stuff.

But with like social it like with Facebook and MySpace coming in in the early 2000s and everything it turns out that there are 3.8 billion people in the world that have some sort of social media like some kind of account and 81 percent of the United States has one so like in theory it’d be a really good way to like connects people with.

Others right well there’s Facebook snapchat Instagram YouTube is another I’d consider YouTube with social media and everything like blogs you know it’s easy to keep up to date with friends and families lives but you know I’ve also heard like the saying like I’m so glad my generation grew up doing this and not this like and then it shows like a picture of my generation playing outside with each other and stuff and then today’s generation.

Just sitting in a group on their phones and stuff not even looking at each other that buries people of people that varies from yes but I mean in reality I’ve seen it a lot in real life mm-hmm but I mean that and it’s an interesting thing.

It’s just an interesting point because I mean.

It seems like today’s generation is absorbed in social media like you know from the moment they get from like the moment they get it as kids or whatever I don’t know it’s just like the social norm has become texting each.

Other or commenting on each other status updates rather than meeting up in real life and having a face-to-face conversation yeah you kind of wonder like nowadays why people can’t hold a conversation.

That well where people are so awkward in real life it’s like because there’s that missing heart-to-heart interaction I think we also create it to have those interactions be face to face and stuff I we weren’t meant to like you know isolate each other and just you.

Know text you know there is other people there is the idea that it’s good for like when you’re not in the same area as the Russian.