Gl1tch3d 010 | Is Social Media Ruining Relationships? (q&a)

And it does the whole intro sequence and everything this.

Caption will like appear right next to them or something I don’t like Cowen Super Smash Brothers has it’s like a kirby enters.

The battle type of thing something like that so I played as crappie and her caption was best girl and it was awesome because it’s the truth and everybody needs to know it truth no best thing that happened to me this weekend was finally getting set.

A Saturday off it was a lot of fun yeah what about you guys did you guys answer.

Already I mean Joshi said ro Dead Redemption – yeah yeah what about you Michael I hung out with a friend just weak well there we go yeh thousand it’s just been a tense week I didn’t you went to a Halloween party and got dicks drawn all over your.

Arm that was pretty fun I went there to visit a friend and they went to a Halloween party and they convinced the host to bring me there so that yeah it was only a different hour because my friends got drunk way too fast they’re terrible at drinking games and they got drunk really fast I had take him.

Off fast I don’t drink very often just because I’m a very I’m a lightweight I get tipsy super easily Paris this one night I was friend of mine was visiting from the military and Tory Elsa came over and everything and.

You know he was going through some problems and everything with like v like his family and stuff like that so we were drinking and stuff I drink a lot that night I did not feel good I had him run what I know I have never gotten.

Blackout drunk before but that was definitely the worst I felt after drinking I was sore all over like I didn’t get nauseous or anything it was just my body hurts like my body would just hurt and seven I had to massage my shoulders for me it was super weird yeah but I don’t.

Drink very often so doing good we have drinks in your room like that’s like I ain’t liquor I’m talking about like drinking like a glass I’m I’m talking about like drinking beer and stuff like that I don’t do that kind of thing where.

You can drink tons of them every once in a while I’ll have like a cocktail or something like that and that’s what most of the alcohol on my shelf is for like I rather like a like a like a daiquiri or something.

Like that I don’t try those it’s just like fruity stuff but I don’t drink a whole lot okay we’re gonna do two more questions and then we’ll move on to the final top two more.

We’ve been on for an hour a little over an hour yeah all right what right okay I’m not giving you an option this time cuz usually when I ask if I do you more you’re like yeah let’s do one more I’m really pretty good do you want to tired all this.

Look three hours a day do you want to do more than two questions do the door to question yeah that goes okay and then we’ll check at the very.

End to see if we yeah we get votes all right little podcast before we get into the final discussion because links Kelly goes yeah.

Eight hours after we recorded it linskey help okay so what languages do you wish that you could speak soda tensile language like we want to learn or we will master like one day let’s just say that the question it lets you learn any any languages that you want instantly so like the hey chapters guide of the galaxy would put a little warm in their.

Ear sure yeah okay um I want to speak brown oh I don’t know how to speak it I can’t understand them what yeah you know the like the Mexicans in the Latinos and the Filipinos and the Guatemalans and so all those people yeah mystery Brown do you know what his big brown Oh oh sorry this is 13 podcast but we’re also trying.

To keep it a little bit PC and I don’t know how.

Faster not take to calling people around those just say Spanish or Colombier like Colombia yeah I don’t know well in Spanish the only one group of people who speak Spanish there’s C say you want t knows what Mullins there’s so can you just say Hispanic well isn’t that just only people Mexico.

Or New Mexico I don’t know how would you do I I don’t really know what’s panic what’s the definition of Hispanic what is a panic panic about panic relating to Spain or spanish-speaking countries especially those in Latin.

America how’d you get that I got how Hispanics generation Z will change everything I just said Hispanic definition yes Hispanic means like anybody in Latin America or Mexico or Spain or anything like that Hispanics like home-cooked meals and often missing about the future okay alright but yes we can just say you’d like to speak like all the Hispanic languages and stuff okay Latin Food Show calm this is the.

Website that Google gave me a Hispanic jens e huh nothing Google gave me there is e Hispanics that doesn’t people equals a hundred and 1% whoa that’s more Hispanics than normal people what that’s at 62 101 percent of people voted where’s the extra 1% coming from Oh makes you wonder I’d really like to learn.

Japanese just so I can actually go to the country and not.

Feel like I’m lost I guess Latinos teens and.

I’d also like to learn how to speak French that’s cheating that’s too you can’t do to you languages also you’re saying in Spanish one languages and you said Hispanics like Hispanic languages meaning more than one yeah I just want speaking Spanish all right so just Spanish then all right well I’m saying you can have more it says what languages do you wish that you could speak so Japanese in French for me I can already speak I can already speak English and.

Americans so that works fine for me well I can speak some of it crane Ian Russian Japanese probably on speak German and maybe some Spanish so yeah oh my.

God Josh’s remember that one time in high school where I convinced you and Daniel that I actually came from Ireland and I just had a really convincing American accent yeah I remember that I’m Irish all right.

What is some oh wait we’ve already done something like this how did this one see past me what is.

Something that everyone absolutely everyone in the entire world can agree on we all agreed that frothy was best girl so anime sucks Wow oh we could all agree on the anime fans are weird yes oh I’ve seen the meme words like people who make anti-washington Thai and oh yes who do you wish that you could get back into contact with real life people are dead people either or nobody right now I’m kind of out of that phase I’m kind of going through definitely last two.

Months like trying to contact old people.

And like calling them stuff hmm I mean like people you might have used to be friends with or something like that but.

You are you anymore used to be friends with yeah yeah there are some people that I kind of disconnected from or I haven’t talked to you since high school by hey.

Probably back when I lived in back before I came here like.

Moved and moved here in third grade I lived right next door to like my best friend back in elementary school you.

Know she we’d known each other since here like for in reality it’s probably not a huge portion of.

My life compared to now but it still felt like a long time we were really good friends and stuff we were best friends we played together every single day she taught me how to play video games and stuff like that she was.

A pretty big part of my life but things happened and then I ended up a bit well I mean we didn’t leave on bad terms whatsoever like we left on good terms like we were still best friends when it happened and stuff but you know my dad got a new job here so I had to move up here and honestly it’s only like a 20 mile drive from where I used to be in everything but over time we just kind of.

Like lost contact and stuff like that now she’s doing like amazing she’s going to college she’s like she has a voice that could be on Broadway she gets awards and stuff she does tons of musicals and plays and all that she’s yeah she literally has.

Like the voice of an opera singer she’s.

It’s absolutely gorgeous Oh opportunity not like a pop singer well she could be a pop singer too I mean her voice specializes for like musicals and everything will offer with like really deep voice.

Opera is like high-pitched and everything like that like you know what an opera singer is like right fat Vikings sure I’m Looney tune no but I’m actually saying that she could end up on Broadway like she’s practiced so much that like oh yeah she’s she’s under she’s a professional.

Yeah brother Tori yeah but basically yeah I’m not gonna answer that in case she’s that’s all on.

You so she gets mad at anybody it’s gonna be you oh but anyway like it’d.

Be kind of interesting to see what would have happened if like I hadn’t moved away and stuff like that.

And come here I mean like I’m happy with the life I have right now but it just makes me wonder everyone and while right but I wouldn’t mind I mean I.

Saw her at the theater a few months ago singing no I get the movie theater and everything she was with her dad I was with my parents and stuff we were going to see like separate movies and everything but we like ran into each other in line.

And stuff it was kinda awkward just because I didn’t really know what to say.

It’s kind of like we were friends but now it’s almost like we’re strangers but we kind of know who we are are you crying why I’m sorry I don’t know I don’t know it’d just.

Be interesting to try and get back in the contact with her or something like that yeah we all saw a petition you can help you she’s friends on my facebook you know that right I don’t need a petition to sign in order to figure out again what leaving friends of anybody on Facebook look at the girls.

They have like six eight hundred friends that they only know.

Of them well she definitely knows me though because we actually know each we knew each other in real life so it’s out in RL nice who send us that huh who’s that was I not mine who’s like what yelling someone’s yelling oh that was my was my dad and my brother doesn’t like already in this like hallway over here okay my room all right um so what do you.

Think is this a good place to end.

The QA and get us a discussion do we want to end on a lighter note then yeah all right let’s end let’s end the Q&A on a little bit of a happier note what is the worst.

Hairstyle that you’ve ever had oh you went bald yeah as a kid to the head like my hairdo cream long scraggly so I was like just shave it off not like not like one punch man bald but like you got.

Like a art like it you shaved it all off oh yeah like the low city like Ollie to the skin I’m sorry I can’t imagine what you would.

Look like with short hair like that like I can imagine kind of like hair that’s kind of like a little bit longer like maybe an inch or something but your hair right now is like how I imagine you all the time yeah yeah I realize how ugly I was bald and I just I don’t think I ever had a bad hairstyle honestly I mean yours is.

The same yeah your has always been the same like it’s gotten a little longer than usual but you’ve kind of stuck with the same the same look for like the entirety of my tips except for the one time I came I had like a different hairstyle though but then I changed I don’t summer I don’t even know if it was a you consider it front I got highlights I guess not frosted tips I.

Got blonde highlights when I wanted to dye my hair for the first time but this was back in middle school after that I dyed my hair like a year after that I dyed my hair like tip myfritz what Michael what tip my fruits yeah Brits anyways after that I dyed my hair like completely blonde but my hair was so dark that it ended up looking like copper so I looked like a penny for like a week until.

I got until I got a bleached and then it looked like normal blonde after that one ya know like surfer blonde almost you do beer – no this was in middle school like going into high school like I didn’t even have a beard yeah we can’t.

Dye your beard no I would never die my beard I I knew somebody who wants any mustache I knew somebody who.

Once dyed their beard it did not look that good he shaved it all up the next day my hair is the same color as my beard well no it goes like weed.

I wanted to dye the other if I dyed my hair again then I would shave off.

The beard actually Wow if I dyed my hair like a crazy link like a blue or pink or something like that I could pull off the brown beard a little bit but if I dyed it like under something like that then I would shave off the beard what’s at that face you’re making.

Well thank you no I dyed my hair like platinum blonde one time dyed my hair red.