Gl1tch3d 010 | Is Social Media Ruining Relationships? (q&a)

All right so that’s enough of this I thought this is gonna.

Be an interesting conversation but I’m good hey we said pg-13 I think we’re keeping it good yeah you’re so scientific exactly we’re being scientists right now what is the best thing that happened to you this.

Week just started reddit redemption two came out technically monday is the beginning of the week mm-hmm I’d say that’s what happened for me reddit redemption – yep that game is so good oh my goodness so much.

To do in that game yeah you got them bred Dead Redemption – I got my hero one justice so the name I never held yeah the new my hero academia game came out the same day as red redemption uh Switzer ps4 both nice I didn’t.

Know that they came out for both I got Pia I got the ps4 version.

Okay yeah okay it’s pretty standard for like an anime fighter game like comparing it to like J stars or like gnar told a major storm but it’s super fun and it’s pretty customizable too.

Because you can change the characters appearances oh yeah yeah and like once you get through like the heroes storyline you.

Get to see the villains point of view for everything and you get a place villains for it also.

If you pre-ordered the game you got a free poster and you got free endeavor DLC.

A whole endeavor totoro Keys dad the dude with the flaming beard todo todo Rocky’s dead okay oh yeah you know mm-hmm yeah so you got some pretty cool stuff for pre-ordering at I’ve been playing a lot of it it’s super I’m not gonna call it difficult I mean once you get the characters down and everything like that it becomes pretty easy but.

I’m a completionist and there’s like there’s this game mode or not game mode but you get ranked I guess after each story mission and.

Everything like okay it grades your technique your time and like whatever bonus that you have or whatever and you want to try and get an s-rank for everything yeah yeah I can’t tell you how many times I had to replay a fight just trying to get the S rank for everything mm-hmm it was so annoying it I.

Did for the hero for the hero section there were some close calls though.

Especially a couple of the final bosses and everything it’s like oh this is gonna be hard but yeah I’m about 50% of the way done with the story you know I’m.

On the villain side of the story yeah it the story mode starts during the midterm exams I guess we’re like it was it was a Deku and Baccarin three versus all.

My you know though those fights and everything like the exams and stuff and then it goes through everything and then the story mode ends with all night versus all for one so you get a you get a place all night and fight one for our all for one coach and there were like four different fights you had to fight mmm so.

Yeah this is really annoying really fun though having a lot of fun yeah I’m day off like a DLC for the shooter style for deku Oh interesting we didn’t know that oh I don’t know that I’ll have to check that out yeah it’s almost work yeah and there’s you can have a customizable like catchphrases and everything for your characters like when you choose a character and everything.