Gl1tch3d 010 | Is Social Media Ruining Relationships? (q&a)

Taking Saturday’s off because maybe one of these days I’ll be able to put like six hours and do it straight just six hours of homework yeah right I can I mean there’s a TV in the room where I do my art stuff like we use our.

Dining we use our dining room like as a art studio for my mom and my sister and I go look I go in.

There like to do any art homework I.

Have and usually they’re just like watching Netflix or something like that and honestly when I’m being creative at doing artwork and stuff it helps having like that.

Background noise early just looking up and watching something I don’t know I was actually contemplating Cree watching Ruby while I try and do my art homework.

And stuff like that like all five seasons I can’t focus like that yeah me.

Neither really there’s no way so much I rather watch TV do nothing at home work here actually I just want to focus on the homework yeah exactly why not what about listening to music I feel like it’s like chill music like peaceful music yeah I’m no fine in pop radio 24/7 but if it’s like upbeat rock rap hip-hop or anything like.

Fair enough mm-hmm interesting I don’t know I feel like I just worked better when there’s something like that does like kinda put my mind at ease a little bit um ooh so this one I’ve actually been thinking about a little bit what animal or plant do you think needs to be renamed unis renamed bears we should call them danger dogs this and like a man like stingrays see pancakes or something.

Like that danger man ranks yeah manta rays we can call them like danger flat flaps or danger pancakes or something back UN’s fatigue it’s stammers knees honestly I was originally I was thinking about like.

Renaming the sperm whale or.

Something yeah it’s terrible name or like the people that named the bony ass fish yeah there’s.

An actual animal called the bony ass fish.

Oh sorry let me correct myself the bony ear – fish eared ass the bony eared ass fish anyway no.

This there it is there link the link is a pitcher mm-hmm it’s really weird-looking just imagine the person naming that thing though like they must have had a really big grudge against it like this fish killed my mom’s I’m gonna give him the stupid name like the bony here – ass fish oh.

I don’t know people died in weird ways like you heard about the guy peeing like and then like a little so Quora a really small parasite worms ate welcome this penis hole like up with stream like up the stream of the pee yeah yeah he’ll stay water like why was up here is just pean been this weird little parasite thing which is like no way he.

Was like two inches from the water I thought he was standing and he had like three he like there they crawl up or something it’s like that’s a thin thin veil of water you need to crawl up yeah yeah he’s probably all the way down I didn’t it was one of the Animal Planet’s small well yeah he almost died though you’re like gay like tongs and boners oh ow that hurts and the visual representation you’re giving me through the facecam is not helping either second stop.