Gl1tch3d 010 | Is Social Media Ruining Relationships? (q&a)

Oh hey congratulations this is our tenth podcaster about to do no we’re still a minor okay come back one more third notes and things get more mild salsa around here oh hey November’s coming up hey no shade November actually I just recently shaved too and so it’s actually no but it’s actually known about Josh what no not November.

Oh well you can’t bust a nut for all of November oh that yeah let’s go for it we’ll keep a log in podcast all right everybody.

We’re back with episode 10 of our podcast this is the most consecutive and consistent thing that I’ve ever done with my life I’ve never been this consistent with something other than going to work just because it was mandatory but this is a volunteer volunteer thing right you didn’t yet consider doing a podcast a volunteer thing since it’s not technically like my life depends on it hmm yeah it’s a copy yeah but yeah this.

Is our 10th episode that’s a lot in retrospect we’ve done this for 10 weeks yeah that’s that’s pretty cool.

Honestly and I think we have like 23 subscribers now which is like what yeah we have like 23 days yeah which is like 10 more than we had 10 more than I had when I first started this podcast so yeah I do the word out there too so yes thank you very much I think my sister subscribed so that kind of counts as a subscriber but at the same time I don’t think she’s ever actually heard an episode of this though so.

Could be so awesome does what Gerudo song oof yeah a sister what do you ask the first time three birthday party all she does just poof oh okay so that’s like a running try to learn anything about her like I learned more from you and like afterwards logic colleges this this this is so weird I think that.

It’s kind of like a high school lingo now oof just saying oof over and over again like it started off on roblox and everything but now I’m just like subconsciously saying it whenever something bad happens not me.

Too it’s kind of like saying like I say you eat all the time but now I’m.

Saying I don’t know I think the Internet has ruined me yeah we’ve been saying that to a lot.

Yeah and what reality is like people have played roblox before oh so I just thought of like the saddest thing the other day um.

Yeah I know I think about sad stuff a lot you know curl up on the ball yeah curl up in a ball in the shower or something just cry myself hoping I don’t like drown or something gonna shower you’re not Turkey I don’t know maybe I could like fall and like covered the Train like the drain or something and it.

Would like fill up with water and then yeah the Big Bang Theory plot mm-hmm what oh yeah where the where if any.

Poles of the shower and Sheldon peeps utter butt cheeks yeah that’s right she asked him to help her get dressed because she breaks her arm or dislocates.

Her arm or something yeah actually saw the episode of like nine seasons of The Big Bang Theory like it stopped it stopped being like on purpose around around season.

Four like I stopped like and and it just kind of became like a thing where it’s like my parents get it for me when it’s like ten dollars on sale on Black Friday or something like that and like.