Best Skin Care Routine For Dry Skin (on A Budget)

Hey guys so I’m uploading my video right now and my skin’s looks super oily because of the video I just made what you’re about to see and my camera was dying so I didn’t get to like fully explain everything and sorry I look like in this video but it happened I was going to tell you at the end.

Like a bunch of the products that I use are from my Marshalls and TJ Maxx and I will link.

Below like all the off brands that I use that compared to like some Mario brands because sometimes people are on a budget and I get that and Mario can be expensive sometimes there any other face products especially oils that you use before you go to bed to get rid of like all of those under-eye bags and just you know dark spots that you get through the day I’m going to link those below sorry if.

This video is a bit much like just choppy and weird this.

Video is definitely for people with dry skin I have super dry skin I’ve been trying.

To figure out my skin for years and I’ve never been able to I’ve tried so many products throughout the years and these ones are the ones that have worked best for me enjoy the video sorry this is such a rambling long clip oh if you have dry skin terrible dry skin dig you lessly dry.

Skin like I do this will definitely work for you I hope not all skin types are the same obviously I’m not a dermatologist I don’t know everything about your skin but this.

Is what is this all these products have worked for me it’s just moisturize my skin so much it’s cleared up my skin it’s gotten rid of my redness and yeah right I’m using.

My boyfriend as a tripod right I’m just gonna be doing my face you’re doing because I look on.

Right now I know it’s really late not really but for me it’s late Karuna I’m gonna wash my face in the shower so this is weird that I’m doing it.

All out here okay so the first thing I use this is clean and clear deep action cream.

Cleanser I use that I don’t know how to pronounce it how do you pronounce it Mario but you’re covering it I don’t know Maya but that’s good I don’t.

Know yeah so I use that next after I do the cream cleanser listen is just good for my redness cuz my face good so red and then after her I usually kid out of the shower then I use this toner that we just got on clearance literally but it’s amazing I’m sure you do the.

Toner I put on my set of film I keep holding it like it’s the makeup product it was really not like it’s this huge bottle when you see what it says and then after about if it’s like you nighttime then I put on.

My night oil and I don’t really know I don’t know what’s in here but it works can you see it sure can you yeah see you so messy a bathroom is because it’s disgusting in here right now but first we do this these identify this I literally I think the recommended size and I was like a dime but who uses that little nobody and then now I’m gonna go in with the Mario one so.

Sit down because the boyfriend is weird because that’s how it gets the top but unless you want to violently shake a.

Bottle of product just to get spurts yeah oh geez that’s okay I’m sure they suggest a damn size but nobody does love it so lather your face while I’m changing nature technical difficulties the.