Security Of Smart Homes

We live in a world where electronics are in our life pretty much everything revolves around our smartphones I’m recording this on my smartphone right now and we are extending that into our homes smart homes are extremely extremely large right now when I when I spent my time working at Best Buy one of the biggest things we were pushing.

Was smart home technology the amount of smart homes in the United States by 2022 is expected to grow to fifty six point seven million now you think 400 million people that doesn’t seem like a lot but you have to realize there are about 126 million households in America in total.

So in the next two years we are expected to have almost half of our population using smart home technology that is a pretty large jump and all the technology is is great I personally.

Have a network of Google homes throughout my house and they make life a whole lot easier setting alarms calendar setup I personally don’t use it but I know plenty of people who love the the auto-pay you can order a pizza off of your Google home and.

This technology goes a lot farther than just smartphone in Google home we have smart TVs now we have security cameras smart refrigerators even smart ovens but as we know the more devices you have in your.

Home the bigger of a security risk comes with all those devices probably the biggest thing that made me decide to tackle this topic is the issue with security cameras right now home security is and what I.

Would consider one of its golden ages you can get security cameras for your house free cheap with low monthly rates for example or cameras or or the nest cameras anything like that they.

Essentially allow you to view what’s happening at your house off your smartphone at any time and considering how expensive home security has been in the past this is a great step in the right direction but not everybody is yet versed in how to properly protect themselves.

With these security cameras a big big issue.

That that showed up recently is back in 2017 it.

Was found that a lot of these security cameras they kept their default passwords on effectively making them unsecure because the default password for the most.

Part was same across each device most of these companies assumed once you buy this you’ll change the password not everybody did so there ended up being 75 thousand unsecured cameras throughout people’s.

Homes these actually got published online so before the companies were able to do damage control essentially anybody could log on to one of these websites go on find your camera if you didn’t secure properly and they could watch your life unfold now even though the fix to this was fairly simple just changing your.

Padlet password and having a more secure standardized password length the require it still still doesn’t mean that nobody can get into your cameras the right people with.

The right skills still have that ability now if you if you do decide you want to use security cameras in your home that have smart capabilities ie being able to view them on your smartphone at any given time which is a great feature to have I would recommend that you follow NIS T’s standard for passwords every year they publish a list of of guidelines that they.