Custom Cyclo-cross Bikes & Tech At Superprestige Ruddervoorde

Whatsoever because this actually clamps onto the seat post rather than the frame secondly if that was to fail the bottom ones are the main one maybe this one here would actually do a job certainly for a lap or half lap to actually keep the saddle in the same height so one of the most important things for a mechanic is obviously to prepare the bikes.

From the riders and every rider they actually like to go and ride their race bike prior to actually racing for the day so when they come back it has to be cleaned up and then dried off ready for the actual race so here you can see two mechanics here.

Working ferociously in the background on Quintin Herman’s bike they’ve got an air compressor that you blast off the water as fast as possible and also to microfiber costs to.

Dry it off too I don’t envy them today because it’s bitterly cold so just walk past this.

Colnago and I always stop and have a look at a common I’ll go check out this here.

On the outer cable length here we’ve actually got an extra piece of rubber here so it’s got like a rubber bung which then sits inside of the frame and that prevents any grit or wart or anything like that from going back inside and possibly affecting the shifting performance obviously shifting pretty critical in cyclocross you don’t want to be left in the wrong gear because when the going gets tough.

The tough gets going as a band once said that’s something else which is great about cyclocross races you get to see all this weird and wonderful customer.

Tech this I don’t if it’s weird or wonderful or what.

But I think it’s cool it’s a chain guide so traditionally we see.

These on mountain bikes don’t we those people over on t mb n but this one here is actually gonna help the chain.

Stay in place if you’re riding a really rough terrain because it’s a one buy set up a lot to look at that so the race is over for the women well these guys jobs have just about started in fact because they’ve now got.

The big cleaner it does help you got a petrol-powered jet washer like they have here and also a motorhome or a van full of water with gallons and gallons.

Of this stuff because you are going to get through a across race and also an air compressor to to dry off those components or parts or in this case shoes as quickly as possible why she’s finished with the shoes he’s too quick for me but if you are.

Racing the next day you are gonna want your components and shoes in that case to be dry and ready a mechanic’s job isn’t that easy when you’re on the road all this stuff has to be traveling along with you in the back of a van or a camper van right there we are a look at just some of the tech will display here in route of order this cyclocross event I absolutely loved.

It I could have looked at it all day and believe me there was rider st. John just go away I’ve got to go and race so there we are anyway let me know what’s your favorite bit to take the I spot it down there in the comment section down below and I’m sure as ever to be reading.

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