Custom Cyclo-cross Bikes & Tech At Superprestige Ruddervoorde

Find though on some of the other riders bikes too one of the coolest things you can get in my opinion anyway is this it’s not cordless drill it’s a pub so a mini compressor there’s.

Even a small little LCD display screen there so you can just do that and inflate the tire to the pressure of your choice from my memory when I tried to find one of these on Bosh’s website it’s actually been discontinued.

Now so if you can find one you are very lucky let me know if you manage to get one because I am desperate for one a friend of Mines got one and I’ve.

Never been able to sneak it out of his house quite yet.

This one’s much evander poles I’m not gonna risk taking it I’ve just managed to grab this Cannondale super cross from a bunch of Swedish labs here.

At Rue de Voort and I absolutely love it I just love the paint work on it.

It does wonders for me what’s so special about it then well first up.

We’ve got a Shimano Tegra rx reads aralia so those of you may remember oli in fact did do some science on one of those a.

Few weeks back where he tested to see how well it works because of course you can lock that reader a new in place to try and help us change stay in position just that little bit easier.

Then I had a closer look and they have in fact used wax on the chain so instead.

Of using a normal lubricant they have coated it in wax and that actually helps keep your drivetrain.

Nice and clean as well as attracting less dirt which is obviously ultra important when riding cyclocross hydraulic brake setup and then these pedals – I hadn’t seen a pair.

Of these in the flesh for quite a while actually pair of blue anodized XTR SPD’s pretty sure they were only available for a select few so I’m going to go and check out which of these riders was that select one and a bars this is where it’s all got really interesting for.

Me in fact at first I thought this is actually double wrapped because it’s big I don’t have particularly big hands but while you’re struggling to really get quite the grip I normally go for but the pro vibe bar is actually pretty chunky all the way up to where the levers mount on then they become almost regular thickness that is nice I do like that especially for bit of cross action hubs they come from tune which for those of you who aren’t aware of that tune is.

A relatively small manufacturer I guess you could say but artisan products based in the Schwarzwald or the Black Forest and they’re in the Germany so those are going to be.

Ultra light hubs and this is a sort of thing which.

If you look really really carefully and closely at things like the Tour de France you do see riders going for the ultra light version of their products let me know what you think of this bike down there in the comment section i’m here with a bike.

Of utica new cheese this is his Toyo frame cyclocross bike and it’s an absolute beautiful looking buy I’m going to say because it combines two absolutely fantastic materials for bikes in my opinion carbon fiber we’ve got carbon fiber top tube carbon fiber dainty carbon fiber fork then the rest of it is still yeah that’s right so it was combining them is absolutely brilliant it’s a love affair as you can see and I love the red and the chrome it looks.

Absolutely beautiful also worth noting is actually the CNC machine bits of material which allow a disk caliper to be mounted here on the inside of the stay as well as the rear derailleur hanger which then goes on to the rear.

The drop out here it’s absolutely incredible it’s blown my mind away and when speaking to the rider earlier on he told me as well this paint job is about.

Five to six hundred euros it’s that special and it certainly is and get this a good old reliable old-fashioned yet reliable trusted tested outboard bottom bracket bearings no press fee on this one so this is panda she’s she’s not really pandering to my attention much but yeah anyway how cool is that a Dalmatian I actually panda kinda come here I absolutely love a dog especially.

A Dalmatian but she doesn’t appear to love me much oh well back to the bike tech a customized kitten cross he’s a pretty big affair I guess especially if you’re decent so in the case of.

Nicki brand Maya well she’s actually got some zip wheels with both blue logos on with some orange red ones too.

So that brings out the color of the frame I absolutely love a bit of custom tech especially colors brings out everything managed to.

Get the bike of Mariana Voss and this is a bite I’ve been keen to take a look at because as well for start using cue rings down there we should pretty unusual I’ve got to say especially in the case of cross bikes to mount it onto the chains that also is pioneer power meter which then obviously we’ve got to mount up here too on the handlebars in order for Mariana to actually see her power look at that I’ve never been interrupted before my Mary I know.

But I have now and wow it’s a pleasure a lot of words not to say I’ve lost my train of thought totally but interestingly – not using the new old Tegra rx reader Aelia or anything like that we’re sticking with a jaw race to buy sets up front and rear love it other things are worth chatting there as well check out these a pair of prototype 0/0 pedals.

So my guests are that’s possibly a Shimano pedal because it looks like it to me yeah but let’s not forget though there’s quite a bit it’s then going on there it’s obviously slights throughout a small frame but still have the bars in.

Upright position edge but when the Palmyra’s of Mariana I’m not gonna advise her on any sort of.

Bike position because well she lets her legs do the talking now if something I’ve.

Seen on the lotto stirred our bikes as well as these rubies if Mariana Voss is actually this now this certainly comes into its own I think in a cyclocross environment what is it though well we’ve got the standard seat clamp assembly here once a seat clamp assembly I mean where it actually attaches into.

The frame but there is in fact a secondary device and it has two great functions in my opinion firstly this really helps if you’re transporting the bike and that seat post is going in and out in the bike all the time you know exactly where the saddle has to be able to see post rather in the frame because you can just drop it in and you know you’re not gonna be adjusting the saddle height.