Custom Cyclo-cross Bikes & Tech At Superprestige Ruddervoorde

The carcass all of this it blows me away really the fine details that riders go into I mean it’s not just the tire pressures that their.

Particular about it’s also the treads then you’ve got things like this one here the baby Lemus you’ve got I think we’ve got a Griffo here tucked away it’s absolutely incredible not to mention the fact that some of them then then they start to use in the carcass.

Of the tire silk threads instead of cotton because that is generally a little.

Bit lighter and does offer a bit of a better ride I guess that’s the easiest way to explain it a little bit more spring in it I love it I’m here with the bikes of Christine Meszaros of Luxembourg and team Bowles Dolman a rider who rides on the road all year round.

Or virtually around then goes on to the muddy fields to race cyclocross to know she is about to actually go out on her bikes so I’m happy as quick as I can but check out that even got kind of a an emoji style thing going on on the side of her camper ultracal now I bet bike then well you can’t miss it can you it’s kind of like that Malibu sunset but this one is amazing I reckon I absolutely loved.

The color schemes come out of specialize this year but what have we got there well we’ve got the specialized crux with this pose it 303’s challenge baby Lemus that’s the tire choice a zip finishing kit there too and also a quirk parameter there some fried rice Ram got a 38 to chain ring and it’s 11:32 cassette on the rear there interestingly you don’t see a lot of.

Riders doing this we’ve actually got a mount here for a GPS device on the handlebars so that’s obviously to get the rider feedback both for lap times as well as for the pair output.

– I do like this one the colours they blow me away I’m here with one of the bikes of messages and the pole is the Kenyan in-flight CFS LX as you can see slightly.

Different from a normal going cyclocross bike because.

In fact he’s got road tires on there now maybe there’s a bit of a story behind this because if we look back a couple of years ago when the cop cider world cyclops attempts were called off because of extreme wind yeah she rode all the way back to Antwerp or just north of Anne’s but where he lives so maybe after the race today he’s gonna.

Be doing a little bit of extra training because well there’s.

A speed sensor down now on the wheel there too but nice-looking bike isn’t it I’m not really a jewelry man so this is a quite unusual necklace anyway but looking at this.

Bike check out this on Van der pol’s chain say he’s actually got a scuff guard on the side of it there to help prevent any damage from any possible shoes rubbing on the cranks which is a great finishing touch don’t really see.

That from any pros certainly I’ve never seen it and then.

The pedals that will be a sneak preview here prototype zero zero on them so I really have no idea what they are although they do look like a pair of Shimano’s but that is super cool and that’s what’s great about cyclocross you can get up close and personal with all of the pros bikes I’m gonna see what else I can.