Custom Cyclo-cross Bikes & Tech At Superprestige Ruddervoorde

I’m here in Rue de Voort in Belgium which is a pretty small town to be perfectly honest but today and for one day only it’s turned into the hotbed of cyclocross and today I’m going to take a look around and check out all the various bits of equipment that riders are using here I’m very excited for it it’s.

Very cold let’s crack on let’s see what we can find come on I’m here with a bike Tom pitcock of TP racing TP racing of course standing for Tom peacock after all he’s a former junior world cyclocross champion.

As Junior World Time Trial champion on the road so that’s not enough to get a team named after yourself then well I don’t know what is what about his bike then well for this season he’s gone to specialise previously was using trek and also ridley however a new team what often comes new sponsors what about the bike then well first up.

We’ve got a SRAM a force of 1 by group set now for this race he’s using an 1132 cassette and a 42 tooth chain ring they’re two pedals that they come from look and they’re the extract model which is possibly.

Slightly more unusual choice because you do tend to see most riders using Shimano’s SPD although it does take a.

Very similar pattern let’s face it wheels wise well we’ve got some visions and they’re topped off nicely with these challenge Griffo setter extras now this has got a gold label on these tires and that gold is because there’s a little bit of silk inside of it so that’s going to give you a little bit extra plush and.

Comfort over the rough terrain and though admittedly here at ruler board the terrain isn’t actually that rough pressure wise in them I think is 1.6 bath from what my mechanic told me so that’s about 23 to 24 psi so slightly on the higher end actually for cyclocross finishing kit we’ve got FS a carbon k4 seat post with a nice bit of orange detail in there to match up with.

The frame I do like that reminds me of a Malibu sunset or something like that or maybe.

A fancy cocktails Dan Lloyd would know and then we’ve got FSA bars and.

And then interestingly and something I think it’s super cool bar Ren plugs they’re actually attached in with little allen key bolts there too so there’s no chance of them coming out if you.

Were to fall because of course ba rim plugs aren’t just there for aesthetics they’re also there for safety – nice looking bike tire choices for cyclocross riders are absolutely critical because a course can deteriorate over a race or could actually.

Improve depending on the weather so a rider generally has between three or four different pairs of wheels to choose from on any event depending.

Like I say on the conditions for instance if the race is in Kok cider which is a really really sandy course this tire has actually been named after that racecourse.

It’s called the Kok cider so it’s got a very very fine tread on it designed specifically for.

Sand then if you had a course that was pretty try the game with sand and more cornering on our fast corners well you could use this the June so a very similar profile but on the edges of the tyre you’ve actually got these novels on there too and also the tread does tend to go a little bit further down on the sidewall of.