Daily Vlog 024 : The Joys Of Travel

All right so this is the first time I’ve actually traveling with Gavin so we’ll see if this goes right Kevin right so this is a challenge to try to vlog in the airports we just landed at seats at Grant Kevin hey and the idea is try not to be afraid and plug in the airport so alright we’re off.

To baggage claim let’s meet up our.

Bags so it should just it should just loop around like this so we’re trying to make the same bridge to see.

How the brain bridge ferried you’ve done six minutes.

To get onto the ferry and wait the payments get on the brain so we’ll see they’re gonna make good yeah it’s a big boat two kids two adults two seniors and two kids under six really 50/50 chance we’re gonna make him miss fairy otherwise we gotta wait 50 minutes but we’ll be first time in 50 minutes here’s the ferry that we baited you barely made it here they’re taking some pictures some family.

Yeah so we’re on our way to Bainbridge Island and.

There yeah we doing I’ll forget all right so uh yeah we’ll check in later so so it’s taken my dad ten years to get to this point but he’s now got.

His first one-man show at the.

Gallery at Robby King and it’s absolutely amazing it’s just a sneak peek of like how you can actually take your life and change it into something that you want it to be if you look.

I’m gonna link in a video from when I did call changer label um I did this before I was.

Talks about how he made that leap from essentially just doing advertising to giving all that.

Up and going to just have that passion to paint it’s right here the Rodney King gallery and it’s it’s gonna be it’s gonna be very fun tomorrow because this is his first time that he’s got a one-man show and he’s going to be able to he’s going to be able to just experience what a gallery opening is that’s specifically just for him so check out tomorrow’s vlog and you’ll see it the whole premiere so we’re about.

To go to eat right now because it’s been a really long day but right now we’re looking for pizza and pose boat pulls bow pose bowed I can’t say that what we want to sort.

Of tease is tomorrow’s premiere opening for my dad so we’re gonna tease that that’ll be tomorrow’s video I’m Chloe Wheatley and I’ll see you tomorrow you.