Cambodia Travel Vlog 017 – Another Tarantula!

And they are offering free fruit shape-sorter meal today so it’s how you lose a shake this was 250 they have these trucks that go a bunch of ice in the back that’s this one’s from my mom it’s 85 cents for this yeah they’re the small ones but still when I left they were like almost 5 bucks to get.

Their little things in America and then you come over here and Arizona teas are $2.00 so funny and in the lucky supermarket I’m getting you can see that they’ve written five.

To six so have to check it out hi mr.

water buffalo they have such beautiful eyes I helped.

Out with a class for about an hour me and my friend did and it was a good experience I got a beef skewer thirty-eight cents what do you think this is might be like cool where did you get it you found it the flames big is huge they don’t buy it doesn’t even look real real I know it doesn’t look [Laughter] yeah.

Billiard rolling a few months of in..