Mobile Apps Vs Mobile Web | Scitech Culture 118

Laptop over a tablet say you know maybe a phone and it’s there integration and I think what’s brought me a lot.

Of the sort of integrated apps is a commercial response as you’ve said and you know I think emotional responses are really best done on it on a mobile you know even shopping is probably you’d rather do it on on a on a mobile I think there’s something about the format of a laptop or a PC that makes it more about information Brant true browsing but not a.

Search for a product or a source so the RTC one’s a really interesting one because it’s really useful and it’s you know every bit as good Skype or FaceTime but yeah I do.

Wonder I think the real push for these new branded apps now becoming more through a pure commercial driver in which case then you know as you.

Mount line there’s always better than have your own app you can monetize it you can lock people into it in the browser I think there’s too.

Much room to move so it’s very hard to define a tight shot business model so it would seem that there wouldn’t be necessarily a future at least anytime soon of a more open I mean I guess it’s kind of an open source type thing that we’re talking about here that it is going to stick to that prior for a sort of aspect I just think just I think about it actually from.

The consumer level so I think there’s a there’s a lot of value in the web-based apps and you know like Firefox is always asking meetings which is effectively the same thing yeah but I just you know I want to search I want to find and are typically looking for information and you know that’s like Wolfram Alpha and other apps like that you.

Know at the end of the day if you’re using a larger format device I think.

The browser is the place for those apps but I just don’t know that people will use them like that I think people just pick up their phone whether its behavior that’s.

So engrained to actually opening an app because let’s face browsing experience even responsive websites on a mobile device smaller than a tablet really isn’t great so yeah you know you’re always gonna go for an app on.

A mobile device and I think because of that and that’s where most of our usage is now I don’t I just don’t think it’s gonna catch on yeah absolutely absolutely I guess just finally the thought I had then was whether there is a future where it’s sort of almost indistinguishable so the the operating system gets to a point where you’re not even seeing apps anymore it’s just it’s I don’t know how they would do it obviously otherwise I’d go work for Apple or something or whatever that the interface would.

Happen and it would get to a point where you’re not seeing a grid of icons anymore it’s just something that then they design an interface in such.

A way that you’re just getting.

Straight to the service you want and it doesn’t even matter what is underpinning it well.

I think we’ve already got that but people don’t see it because they’re still used to sprint but Google assistant Siri Alexa you know can you tell me where can I you can ask those questions and you can get the answer without a screen and I think that’s so it’s already there it’s just that’s.

The mature a lot more that’s all yeah and it needs to be friendlier like the idea that every time you talk to Siri or Alexa or any of those or Google assistant but all they’re trying to do is sell you.

Something but that’s the killer I think I think if they can win that.

Back and and you can actually use those services without them without the fear of the fact that you’re being being app as soon as that happens then.

What’s the name for a screen yeah we all did speak dictate get the word document out of the cloud three hours later when you’re at your meeting yeah absolutely absolutely all right Steve we might wrap it up there and just.

Finish on the note that you know will be still using WebRTC for some time and that might be our only contribution to the the whole browser app.

Experience for sure I don’t think that that might be but let’s see if any of the technology changes I think you’re right somewhere along the way yeah absolutely absolutely all right so don’t forget our website side tech culture comm you can get all of our links and.

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