Mobile Apps Vs Mobile Web | Scitech Culture 118

Welcome to SciTech culture with steve cohen and ben warner where we examine science technology and culture in the 21st century visit our website at SCI tech culture dot-com hello and welcome to SciTech culture my name is Ben Warner and I’m joined once again by my good friend and colleague Steve Kerr and how are we today Steve I’m ready.

To talk about web apps or proprietary apps or whatever it is we like to use yeah we’re living in.

A kind of a spoiled age I guess really because there’s just so much there’s so much capability in.

Any devices that we use from the ones we carry around.

In our pockets to you know the big there’s still big machines you can get for your desk yes it’s they’re not completely dead yet so but there’s been of the continual pushes over the years to try to go for what’s in effect a universal app platform where it doesn’t matter what device you use.

It doesn’t matter what operating system it’s using you can use that.

Same app and you don’t have to get.

A necessarily recode it or rewrite it for different platforms in effect the latest version of what that is is a.

Progressive web app which you know is apparently touted as something that could.

Be potentially something that could finally get this idea off the ground but it would seem to me that the.

The issue and it sounds like it’s a.

That you know you could have.

You could have this in you know you doesn’t matter what you’re running you basically you just have open a browser and then you know type it in and it would start working and maybe you had some sign-ins within their browser to handle if there was.

Like sign-in aspects to it or whatever but it always seems to fall over because and this is where you wonder whether the as a user you’re being shortchanged because the economic benefits to the people that are creating all the companies that are creating these things fall over when they realize that if they.

Made everything proprietary that would make everything that would make more money now and you know not that I want to criticize Apple here or anything but you can see.

Very clearly with the origins or the first sort of.

First year or two of the iPhone where Steve Jobs was clearly going down a path of yeah we’ve chucked a couple of apps on the.

Are going to be in effect web apps that are run out of the Safari web browser and that died in the ass so.

To speak because within a year they’d gone completely around to an App Store and developers had to develop apps through the App Store.

Which would be installed as separate apps on the phone as opposed to running through the browser so is that really fair though that it that that’s where it’s gone I mean I know they that they they’re holding the cards so they can control it and how this rolls.

Out but it seems like you know the user isn’t given a choice in this in this respect obviously but I think if you look at the traditional browser platform it obviously evolved with.

What PCs could do at the time which is nothing to do with the mobile experience and it has to do with an early internet where there really wasn’t any.