1 Week Social Media Detox – How It Changed Me | Juujugh (5 Benefits)

I have no idea what is going in the internet space right now and there we are so my issue number one Tonica choo choo with awesomeness straight from yes that’s it how have you been what did I miss I kid you not I have no idea what is going on in the internet space right now until it like.

One week after attendance to detox hence why I think not this completes a 30 day challenge so this video is to share with you how much social media networks.

Has helped me and to share with you tips and tricks so that YouTube can embark on this journey as well let’s do this one you got to.

Have time for yourself right social media it feels like it’s more balanced without social media it’s posted 24 hours and trust me I know one thing that is more important than money is peace of mind to chase that money I actually paid attention to my home hind number it gets more time.

Focus on your goals instead of thinking of how much other people are achieving your goals thanks to social media.

You are not holding yourself up to somebody also standard effects speaking of vision benefits number five you find your true friends those.

Who really care about you are those who miss your presence eventually those who even realize that you’re gone of social media don’t worry talk to you eventually don’t worry about France talking about how much is enough don’t those who can’t they will reach.

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So much I’ll make a part of this.

Video to give you tips and tricks on how you to other social media talks what are you going to be for Halloween oh I’m putting this on my hand what do you think firstly where’s my boy go forward.