Sorel Joan Rain Wedge Boot – Product Review

I am going to be reviewing the my new boots that I purchased which are the Sorel rain boots you know Joan of Arc wedges so yes it’s so servo so I really liked the look of this food that’s obviously why encouraged I enjoy or I enjoy a wedge I you enjoy the height so I’m five five so this.

Makes me I’m going to say it’s about a two inch wedge maybe two and a half and so I like the extra height and when I did purchase this I had a couple concerns was I going to.

Be sliding so not only on if I were to go from outside to end.

But if I was going to be sliding in grass or anything like that or any type of vegetation so I actually the day I got these I had and would give get away with some friends and we went to a festival the next day and I spent about four to six hours in them so.

A good amount of time we were walking around so in the woods in grass and they were super comfortable I I actually they were amazingly comfortable I really have no complaints I was able to be on my feet the entire time chased around my kids and you know doing a ton of activities and I did not feel like I needed to slow down.

Or anything like that I could have heavily run in them and no issues at all the only thing I could say is that I did notice that towards the end of the day right about here on.

The inside and I don’t know the technical term but like this part of your foot ball it started to rub a little bit and it did rub on both sides the inside of that card my foot and I it.

Wasn’t uncomfortable but I did notice that it was rubbing and it wasn’t exactly Pleasant but it didn’t it’s not gonna deter me from wearing them again you know after we went to the festival we went back to a friend’s house and I.

Walked inside to their house and they had work force I patted my feet on the entryway rug and was able to walk around on their house like immediately and I did not slip or trip or fall at all and even when I was walking like in the wet grass there was no like indication that I was going.

To be slipping around so I’m not exactly sure if it’s the tread that’s on these it’s pretty mixed tribe there are some like but I’m really impressed I actually did not feel like I was in an off state.

Situation at all the entire time you’re over wearing these so like I was gonna break my neck or something yeah anyway highly recommend them I.

Did get them on sale so I they are true to size I’m not exactly sure what sizes they have.

Left I knew they were selling out when I did get them I got a seven and a half and putting on the seven and a half they fit perfectly so I they are very true to size the only other thing I could I can think of to add to this for the I know is that I was seeing this lace up I was when I saw it.

I was concerned because I with the normal rubber boot you know you all see that.

One piece well this wasn’t obviously has a tongue so when I it’s actually one piece so it gives that illusion that it’s just a regular shoe but it comes up to.

About here and that’s when the tongue actually separates so you can step in pretty deep water and your what super impressed with these they’re super.

Comfortable they do feel kind of like a military boot so if you’re not into heavier type Footwear maybe this isn’t for you but I’m not really into heavy.

Footwear as well and I honestly didn’t mind these they were extremely comfortable and very easy to wear so these are the Shirelles joan of.

Arc wedge boot thank you so much for watching..