Planet X Nibiru Flyby Scenarios Update

Countdown at position 3 we have the greatest Eastern elongation a greatest Eastern elongation flyby is more likely to put.

The earth in the crosshairs of a catastrophic solar storm this is because.

Planet X will activate a region of the Sun which will then rotate in our direction the result will be an increase in electrical killzone threats to the earth while the threat levels for a comet like object or a mini constellation remain unchanged.

From the number-4 position in our countdown a.

Greater eastern elongation flyby increases the electrical threat of an asteroid like object flyby significantly this brings us to number two in our countdown at position number two in our countdown is opposition even though Planet X and most of its debris field and tail if it has one will be further away from.

The Sun than the earth an opposition flyby will literally put earth in a direct line-of-sight position between Planet X and the Sun as Planet X enters the electrical kill zone earth will suffer heavily in the crosshairs of what will surely be an electrical duel of the Titans and this brings us to number one.

In our countdown and finally at position number one in our countdown is inferior conjunction we can only pray that Planet X does not enter the electrical kill zone while it is in an inferior conjunction to earth for if it is a comet-like object or a small constellation we’re looking at the very real possibility of an ele an extinction-level event where up to 90% of the species now living on earth go extinct for more in-depth.

Information an e-book with a transcript of this program plus a detailed technical briefing is available published in several popular eBook formats you can learn more about.

It and other 2012 and planet x related topics until the next time we meet please remember Marshalls motto destiny comes to those who listen and fate finds the rest so learn what you can learn do what.

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