Planet X Nibiru Flyby Scenarios Update

Personality immediately brushed aside his warnings as just another y2k millennium bug non-event I’m listening to you talk I’m.

Thinking y2k I’m thinking it’s all just it’s just a tactic that put a lot of fear and a lot of people it may have gotten us ready but there was really no danger in the end well let’s hope that it’s.

A dud let’s hope that nothing happens however what if what if our communication systems are wiping wiped out billions of economic activity could be do you think anyone’s taken this seriously I think we’re gonna have to these physicists are now sounding the alert we made the mistake we made the wrong projection the next solar cycle will be.

More intense than previously thought and announcer let us hope that dismissive assessments like these do in fact prevail because if not NASA’s recent findings about Earth’s own natural defenses.

Against this coming solar violence in 2012 do not bode well according to recent data obtained with a group of NASA satellites.

Called Themis Earth’s magnetic field called the magnetosphere is weakening noticeably and this is bad news for us the magnetosphere is a large electrical bubble created by the Earth’s core it surrounds us and protects us from solar radiation on the side facing the Sun it is approximately 15 times the size of the earth and the reverse.

Side is so large that it stretches halfway to the moon if.

It disappears all life on our planet will literally cook to death.

As the result of solar radiation just like the proverbial poodle in the microwave this.

Is why the recent data sent back by NASA’s Themis probes is of great concern to us Themis has detected not one but two new massive.

Holes in the magnetosphere and according to some estimates one of these holes is approximately four times the size of Earth what these new NASA Themis probe findings tell us is that with or without a Planet X flyby major eruptions on the Sun in 2012 will be more of a than ever before with this in mind we will now present a summary of the Planet X 2012 flyby possibilities using an eight step.

Countdown our countdown will begin at position 8 with the best-case scenario and then progress to.

Position number one the planet X extinction level event scenario which represents a potential loss of up to 90% of all species presently alive on earth join us now as we begin our flyby countdown the difference between a relatively benign flyby on one.

Hand and an extinction-level event on the other depends on two things the physical nature of Planet X and where it is in relationship to us and our.

Sun when it passes through the core of our solar system the physical nature of Planet X is well debated and the three most commonly discussed object characteristics for it are an asteroid like object it could be an extremely massive and rocky asteroid like body most likely it will be dragging debris along with it and might even have a thin wisp of an atmosphere it could also be a comet like object comets are more brittle than asteroids and like asteroids will.

Be dragging debris along with them and more this is because comments are also surrounded by a veil of dust plasma and gas worse yet it could be a mini constellation an ominous combination of the worst aspects of an asteroid like body with those of a comet like body a mini constellation contains a large central object which will have a cluster of satellites orbiting it such as planets plantoids moons.

And so forth like an asteroid like object the central object of the mini constellation could have an atmosphere as could one or more.

Of its satellites each of these three types of Planet X objects presents a different range of threats to the earth but topping that list is something we call the electrical kill zone to define the electrical kill zone we need to use three different coordinates the first coordinate is the Sun itself and the other two are based on two different points in the path that planet x will.

Follow as it swings around the Sun before it returns to the outer rim of our.

Solar system all available data indicates that Planet X is approaching from the south for this reason the second position we need to discuss is what astronomers call the ecliptic or the equatorial plane of our solar system to help visualize the.

Ecliptic let’s start at a point in the center of the Sun and then.

Draw a line from there to the earth and then rotate it along with the earth at the edge of the plane will be the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Understanding the ecliptic is important because the known major planets of our solar system all orbit on or near this imaginary plane because planet X is in a long elliptical orbit around.

Our Sun and is approaching from the south the first point where it actually reaches the core of our system will be at the ecliptic the second coordinate of the electrical kill zone the third and final point of the electrical kill zone is known as perihelion the.

Point in space where the orbit of planet x brings it closest to the Sun the triangular zone created by these three coordinates is the electrical kill zone because this is where the electrical interaction between Planet X and the Sun will be the most violent how this solar violence affects the earth will depend on two things the first is the electrical properties of Planet X depending on what it is.

If it is an asteroid like object the.

Interaction will be relatively mild whereas a comet like body will be markedly intense.

However if it is a mini constellation the interaction could likely be catastrophic ly severe then of course the big question becomes where will earth be relative to Planet X and the Sun when planet x enters the electrical kill zone and formulating the eighth level countdown you’re about to see we’ve taken these plus several other factors into account what you’re going to see next.

Is a summary of the findings for more in depth information a book with a transcript of this program plus a detailed technical briefing is available published in several popular eBook formats you can learn more about it and other 2012 and Planet X related topics at yowza Calm that’s why o w the eighth level countdown you.

Are about to see is based on eight different alignments between Planet X Earth and the Sun all eight of these alignment positions will be presented using a top-down view from above the earth looking down on our solar system please note that the objects presented in these illustrations are not.

Scaled to size on the far side of the Sun those two positions are conjunction and superior conjunction the three positions that put Planet X between us and the Sun.

Our greatest Eastern elongation inferior conjunction and greatest Western elongation and finally the three positions that put Planet X behind us on our side.

Of the Sun our Eastern quadrature opposition and Western quadrature as we review each of these eight positions will give you four different severity estimates one for each.

Type of object and an average of the three these severity estimates will range from a value of one which represents minimal consequences to a value of 10 which represents an extinction-level event for up to 90% of all species on the planet could perish with this in mind we now.

Begin our countdown at level 8 our best-case flyby scenario the best-case scenario is that Planet X enters the electrical kill zone while it is in conjunction.

To the earth at first glance most would logically assume that a superior conjunction on the far side of the Sun would be the ideal candidate for position number seven in our countdown but that is not going to be the case at position number seven in our countdown is.

Western quadrature with the Western quadrature planet X will be further away from the Sun and at a good distance ahead of us the reason that Western quadrature is number seven is that if Planet X is a comet-like object.

Or a small constellation whatever is trailing behind it will mostly miss the earth.

Altogether at position number six in.

Our countdown is superior conjunction even though a superior conjunction puts planet X on the far side of the Sun an old saying of lies what goes around comes around yes we’ll eventually orbit into.

Residual parts of the planet X debris field and tail if it has one and this brings us to number five in our countdown at position number five is Eastern quadrature even though an Eastern quadrature flyby puts Planet X behind us this position ranks number five because it represents the first truly hazardous electrical killzone flyby point this is because planet X will.

Activate the Sun electrically and the surface of the Sun with the strongest activity will rotate towards the earth this brings us to number four in our countdown at number four in our countdown is greatest Western elongation with Planet X at a greater Western elongation position when it enters the electrical kill zone earth will be closing in from.

Behind on whatever planet X happens to be dragging along with it in this case imagine earth is a racehorse that gets a light start out of the gate but then charges to the front of.

The pack if so what awaits earth at the finish line if Planet X has a tail crossing the line will mean that earth will be pelted with meteorite showers plus other nasties worse.

Yet in the event Planet X turns out to be a small constellation that means that position number four in our countdown is the first to present us with a true risk of an extinction level event this brings us to number three in our flyby.