Planet X Nibiru Flyby Scenarios Update

This is Marshall masters publisher of your own world USA that’s why Oh W on the web welcoming you to our February 2009 report titled Planet X 2012 flyby scenarios this program is made possible by your own world books publishers of planet x forecast and 2012 survival guide the Collbran bible and 2012 wisdom of the Elohim for more.

Information about these books and related articles and radio interviews please visit yells accom also please feel free to share complete and unedited copies of this program with others for years we’ve wondered about a mysterious.

Object that orbits our Sun every 3,600 years we know it by many names planet x nibiru destroyer and wormwood just to name a few regardless of what it is called this object or objects have a connection to a very significant date the Mayan calendar date of 2012 so what did the skeptics say certain that their opinions are the most important of all they demand mountains of proof which they invariably dismiss this is because skeptics are like most people they accept the simplest explanations for.

Everything and then close their minds to the rest yet there is so much information about what is happening in our solar system.

That even news entertainment channels like Fox are inadvertently reporting harbinger signs of this mysterious object we.

Generically call Planet X case in point on December 18 2008 renowned physicist dr.

Michio Kaku appeared on Fox to sound a warning about the expected solar maximum in 2012 field it literally flips every 11 years releasing a shock wave of radiation and that means we have to start to think about reinforcing our satellites building redundant systems because it means that GPS the power grid weather.

Satellites communication satellites satellite television all of that could get disrupted peaking around 20 so your point is we can’t do anything about it in space but we can’t do something back here on earth that’s right backup systems our company’s really doing that well they’re gonna have to do it because see we scientists made a mistake we thought that the next cycle was going to be quiet well some of our data was off by a factor of 20 and that’s why.

We’re issuing this alert now we made a mistake when dr. kaku’s we scientists made a mistake some of our data was off by a factor of 20 we at yowza calm immediately grasped the significance what dr. Kaku is talking about is the difference between an x-class solar storm and the new catastrophic Y class solar storms first.

Detected in 2003 this in turn begs the question what does a factor of 20 error mean to us in terms of an X class.

Or a Y class solar storm hitting the earth in technological terms we’d be slammed backwards to the 20th century where old-style a.

vacuum tube radios would replace our personal computers blackberries and televisions simply.

Put it is the factor of 20 that makes the difference between a technologically survivable x-class solar storm versus a catastrophic white class storm that would grind our industrialized global economy into a.

Patchwork of third-world agrarian societies this is the real threat behind dr.

michio kaku z’ warning sadly enough the Fox News.