Vampire | Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2018 | Sandee Proud

The harem who support domes okay.

So then directed on the wrong shape at all I’m hunt and also this chase super pigmented no why Allanon Allanon Ella genetics RTing Center down experiment effect no glory news internal magnet things I’m gonna get this cheese you know chasing them right now Wow Oh getting pigment didn’t you I will build avenged life-giving blind in life I’m gonna go with this NYX jumbo pencil in black bean religion oxide in water funky rock.

On another the economy black bean now next jumbo pencil then in this much.

Belongs are using a smaller brush like this paramount to read new black I’d imagine intending to light now we’re going to put some liquid eyeliner and think that American color intensive eyeliner.

Then moving down so for my mustard on a manager to meet enjoy sat on toggle of mascara from fashion 21 this is my holy grail mascara as of the moment now it’s time for our eyelashes with a meet an embargo minute Mikasa base I think I’ve a meeting call this is from cheese stars of glam lashes you can think and a truth my god like holy moly crap I’ll give you total glam to keep it.

Down you can’t punish a button again no no name running Oh foxy yeah having your own lashes from she’s sad so.

I got my lamp and run ashes so I’m going to do my contour now I’m going to use my detail makeover contour and blush palette palette palette for in one then Marco Pantani honking nose forehead a llama game final.

Time again Pia where it’s back to.

Your contours life or the blush noir I’m going to use this power powder highlighter first time connection gotta meet and this is from Oprah unique tutorials blocos highlighter you can connect children excited to make my and I think we talked about for winding now for our key light goals I’m going to use this new detail makeover make brow gel 24 hours eyebrow and eyeliner gel waterproof long-lasting brow products this is in the shade chocolate so very dependent.

You rock now it’s time for the last part which is the lipstick so I’m going to use this Carolina matte liquid lipstick in the shade up ur hand so imagine a about a deep plum shot so I think this.

One is perfect for our lip color well now we’re done but this was not on a week then I will be right back you guys batting final Wars or she.