Vampire | Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2018 | Sandee Proud

Hi guys Malika improbable examine channel tutorial Tiffany we provide them this is going to be a first impression review using the new palette from Delancey and this is what she called a flame boy yawns name boy yet so the media and an advantage in yet elegant over the stock number new another packaging and what I mean up on.

Delancey palette darling shall had Casimir of a thank you so much I think in a rocker radically Alicia plus the description box down below and can you take children holy crap and then daddy by Nikolai salami example price it over psychological dimension.

Feisty torso description box down below yes but I’m here from the lands in the palate and Evelyn is super niganda holographic of the gusta packaging so then shut the up anymore and it’ll happen on mothers and daughters and shame procedure nothing come back and away incantation in packaging pair of putting the pigmentation did nothing come bunga beshte.

Ok so I already did my foundation concealer and also the setting powder so localize happy nice irony bio major less hores so I’m gonna conceal the component is at all Jack’s yeah which is param neutral brown nude major powered Alicia see coming fall out anyway so they are playing as being in fairness Machado no keep it in for like a single new island in againa now for our transition color I’m going to get this one and mania issue.

In rural and mob follower suppose that Akina this is at increase area gentleman you’re not getting can I go up up the things I make up now vonabell akina’s transition shade so now Priscilla generations of Greece apparently Michigan on commitment egg say para el.

Andy problems eye shadow Parma father in the little intensively but buildable dementia that so I depletion of Egypt number it’s buildable so demand of accumulate a man so you know again what am i Dino adding smaller brush then.

Cooling in a numeral or letting in a Maytag exactly area happy holidays happy the manahawkin enjoy septum amen me pack apparent deep maroon I not deep model.

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The wiping motion dynasty – Siham n guys I’m done denim pigmented yeah I look upon the property in cool I am I didn’t you I love this color and I love this palette because formula.

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Have been contaminated oh up pigment in Chattanooga so if we blended nothing shy using your blending brush next.

Cobalt I know concealer and dad are gonna tie you know hazel eyes so wonderful Syrians yeah they’re just antennae and spread them hi so Monica Tania guys talk about.

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