Why I Quit Streaming On Youtube Gaming

Hey guys trip tur here today I’ve got a video for you about why I’m not streaming as often on YouTube this is going to be more of a personal behind-the-scenes someone business oriented video but I thought that it was important to you because I know about three hundred and eighty thousand of you subscribed on stream to watch me.

Stream over the last couple of years so watching me stream is obviously in.

Some way important to you and I thought.

That you wanted to know where the streams went because many of you have noticed that I’m not streaming very much on YouTube anymore so we’re gonna have a real candid talk about this.

First and foremost 99% of the rumors about my lack of streams are completely untrue they’re oddly fixated on donations whether I get too many or not enough or this platform donates more and that’s really not what streams are.

About for me I know that the vast majority of people that.

Stream for a living fund everything through donations and bits and subs and stuff thankfully I’ve got youtube and some other things going on so I don’t have to do the money begging but the the rumors are oddly fixated on that and some to do with my health being too poor to stream or the I get too angry and other stuff.

But that’s not true either because I usually just soldier through poor health the reason that I’m not streaming on YouTube is because I’ve come to believe that there is something wrong with the YouTube algorithm and how it treats streams so that if I choose to stream on YouTube it will kill my channel and I mean that if I stream on YouTube my channel dies this has happened to another youtuber.

Friend of mine two or three actually I’m not gonna name names because I don’t want them pulled into this video if they won’t don’t want to be here but there are some channels and people for which streaming will greatly negatively impact your channel not just for the streams but for every subsequent video published so YouTube is a huge and complex beast.

YouTube as a website as a system is just ludicrously complex I don’t think there’s one person.

On the planet they can say definitively that they understand all of YouTube’s on top of that it’s automated as much as possible because that’s.

Part of the culture at Google it helps keep them out of some legal responsibilities it helps keeps their costs low and it helps them develop better AI and machine learning and stuff like that so on YouTube there’s not I say the YouTube algorithm for frequently but there’s not just one algorithm there’s.

A whole plethora of algorithms and they’re all trying to do various things to optimize content for you they want you to watch YouTube as much as possible and they want you to see ads on.

Things that you’re interested in so a lot of youtubers instead of focusing on content think that it’s smarter to focus on the YouTube algorithm because what the YouTube algorithm.

Promotes is extraordinarily successful in getting promoted and getting algorithm.

Love gets you on that front page on that trending and that’s just like crazy success right I think that’s kind of backwards I think people should focus.

On content first but I understand the strategy very well because I’ve done it many a times it’s an ever-shifting beast though there’s not just like one you don’t you can’t just like print out the code you have to do trial and error.

And science and testing and kind of is terrible as it sounds for science get a feel for it but it changed over time a long long time ago it used to really like short videos just like short videos that people would watch it loved.

Then it was all about completion percentage because people were spamming really short videos and doing really well then it turned into watch time.

Which I thought was a very reasonable measurement how long somebody watches a video then ad revenue which makes sense for them they wanted to promote the videos that monetize the best and this this was way before D monetization this is just like for example.

About life insurance will monetize better than a guy eats 500 chili dogs because the people watching.

The life insurance video might want to buy an expensive product you know it’s kind of things like that but.

That kind of went hand in hand with watch time and then it turned into video length which was also very similar.

To watch time and ad revenue all three of those.

Kind of went hand-in-hand together and more recently you the YouTube algorithm has shifted to click through ratio the more people click on your thumbnails and interact with your videos the more successful your channel is hence the emergence and success of clickbait that’s why clickbait channels are so successful is because.

That click through ratio is rewarded and there’s not really a downside for the creator other than their reputation so way back in the day I streamed on YouTube a ton I was probably in the first like five or ten guys doing it and I used to get insanely promoted because during that that was one like the watch time at revenue link thing was going on and it would just like pump my videos there were.

Way less streamers on YouTube gaming so getting the number one spot and just like raking in subs was relatively easy to do and YouTube gaming wasn’t its own beast then it was very much so like a small little part of YouTube kind of off doing its own little niche thing it wasn’t.

The colossal ecosystem that we have today have thousands of streamers and interactive things and it was just it was just tiny right so I could stream on there and be successful and the algorithm would then promote it to fans which was the best part of this system I didn’t need donations I didn’t need subscribe not some job what is it member sponsors you.

Know I didn’t need a lot of these kind of things because just the ad revenue on the streams themselves were fantastic because I would stream the ad revenue for live was great and then it would just like publish as a.

Video and some people would watch the video and some people wouldn’t you know most mostly I would say it probably got lower interactions than a traditional video but some people loved watching the vo DS and the a driver was great over that however some things changed over time with the YouTube algorithm and this.

Is this is where the story is gonna take a slightly darker turn obviously I can’t maintain my top 5 spot on YouTube gaming forever I’m not the most famous or a successful creator so I.

Got knocked down and even though I was you know maybe not even top 10 some days I was still doing pretty well as pulling in a big audience I was very happy with what’s going on in the ad revenue watch time and the sub boxes were all working and.

It worked even though I did was nowhere near number one or top five or top 10 the system worked very well for me until it didn’t and over maybe two or three months maybe less I started noticing that YouTube was sending less stream notification so people didn’t know I was streaming the ad revenue on the stream itself and for the VOD post went way down they just kind of tanked wasn’t making very much ad revenue streaming on.

Sub growth on stream the long-term sub growth and the general like pushing.

To the video to sub boxes just all started tanking it was a very negative spiraling effect and it started tanking pretty badly and for a while I thought it was me I thought that I was making bad content that I was being boring that my mental health problems were causing me to be too angry and that I was just screwing up my streams and it was embarrassing or.

Maybe I just wasn’t good enough maybe I was doing the same thing but everybody else got awesome and they just totally eclipsed me.

You know when I was trying all this stuff to improve and I was working on my setup and my quality and all this kind of stuff and I was talking to a friend who’s another youtuber and this friend told me that I shouldn’t stream on YouTube if I post videos and because I’m an older channel because of older channels and especially channels that post videos frequently stream it messes up sub boxes super bad I kind of didn’t believe it right I.

Sense this is who would design a system that punishes people for being live and streaming on a million sub channel that’s that’s like literally ridiculous but I was pretty desperate at the time my income had dipped down it was down 75% so I was.

Living on 25% of my normal income and things weren’t going great and I decided to ditch streaming and about the same time I signed up on mixer a lot of you asked why I didn’t.

Stream on Twitch versus mixer mixer made me an offer to stream there and can build a new platform there and promote their community which I’m still working on and decided to do just videos on YouTube literally within a month maybe even less than that two or three.

Weeks my channel started to bump again now this was back during this was in World War Two was dead-and fortnight was growing and pub G.

Was struggling so it’s probably about eight months ago now was when I made this decision and the the interest level.

In call of duty and me as a person and pretty much everything was.

Rock bottom lowest it’s been in a super long time yet almost as soon as I stopped streaming there was like some life coming back in the channel again I just noticed the views just start creeping up.

And people watching an ad revenue going like sub growth started coming in and I didn’t really change anything during that time I was still making more or less the same content I mean I do try to do better every day but you’re not gonna make radical jumps every day right there wasn’t any really radical changes but then everything started performing better and my income normalized again views and subs.

And all doubled tripled quadrupled respectively and I just don’t know why you’re gonna ask me why how in the world did this happen what’s going on and I’m gonna.

Tell you my best guess on this one my best guess is that YouTube changed the algorithm to no longer greatly reward.

People that just streamed for five hours it’s not just gonna put the 5 hour video on top of the.

Search results for no reason and YouTube also learned that a lesser percentage of people will click to watch a super long stream then they will a shorter video or something that’s more interesting and they want to keep people engaged on the app so what they decided to do is break streams and publishing into two categories they’re streamed on.

And then there’s publish so if I stream a video and you can go back and hit like past live streams it’ll be like streamed on October 14th blah blah blah that was Cod launch day is one of the last times I streamed vs. want to upload a video on that day it’ll say published on so they’re actually pushing these out through two totally different platforms and they’re in different categories on your.

Channel sometimes so no more taking advantage of video lengths thrust streamers right oh but the problem with that in particular is that it wasn’t a feature that fans knew where to look they didn’t really know where to look to find the VOD and the algorithm had shifted to reward.

Click through ratio that’s why they did the new like beta analytics and why that’s one of the most important things.

There hence the clickbait again that’s directly responsible but I also have reason to believe that there is a certain back-end like channel hotness rating that you know lots of people click on ali-a thumbnails but they don’t click on Drifter thumbnails too much or something.

Like that so when you stream a lot and you don’t get published into.

The main system but they put you over in this.

Like little side thing just for streams that people don’t know where to find.

And just because it’s like a super long video a lesser percentage of people that even do find it are gonna click on it and like double hits your channel so if I upload a video and it does well it’s like oh you know algorithm says hey.

This channel is getting a lot of clicks and then if I stream and it doesn’t you know get very much performance at all they’re like whoa this video did kind of rough so if I were to stream two three four days in a row where I was have a stream and then a not great video and then a stream it would continually downgrade might channel and it would show less and less of my thumbnails in people’s subscription boxes and do less and less push through notifications and alerts and stuff like that.

So if I stream a whole lot I believe that YouTube will ultimately view my channel as underperforming everybody I’ve talked to there says that streaming is great all their data says that if you want to grow your channel and be successful you should stream but my experience and the experience of the majority of youtubers that I talk to is completely the.

Opposite I’m not name-dropping people here this is.

A big Twitter thread you can jump into if you want to but the opposite experience is true for most people up to huge channels down to comparatively small channels I don’t try to say that too much because it’s.

Considered rude but I do know there’s some people that streaming works great for I know the typical gamer still kills it I know that.

Nick 830 is just ludicrous growth one neat thing about Nick though is I’ve noticed that he doesn’t let his streams publish as a video he’ll usually unlist them or do something different just published a highlight for the day and I’ve noticed.

That several of the bigger streamers have started.

Doing the unlisting thing so that never really like hits sub boxes to affect the channel rating I don’t think typical does I think he still.

Just crushes it with the stream VOD and of course it makes sense if you like build a channel with all of your fans coming to watch you to stream that they’re.

All gonna be more interesting to be Odie’s and.

That stuff’s gonna be more successful that’s that’s a real part of this component but the other part is that within.

Less than a month of me stopping streaming every single thing that was going wrong with YouTube righted.

Itself and I didn’t change anything so the reason I’m not streaming on YouTube is because I think that it’s going to kill my.

Channel in the long run so I’ll be doing one maybe two streams a month here I’m gonna stream big events the fortnight’s stream vut ational I’m probably gonna stream here just to get the most possible views for epic games I might dual stream on mixer but the majority of my streaming and live content is gonna be on mixer for the foreseeable future because if I stream on YouTube gaming it’s just gonna hurt me and that hurts you because when I get hurt I can’t make as much good content for you so that’s a.

Little bit of behind the scenes on what I’ve got going on it’s like say YouTube drama East sort of stuff when you’re watching this video I’m probably on a flight to Sweden right now I’m banging out like 20 of these bad boys the last couple days before the plane takes off I’m gonna get increasingly sweaty as this anyway I hope you enjoyed the video I hope you learned something useful if you did don’t forget.

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